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05-08-10, 07:07
I asked this over on Lara's Tomb, but I'm not getting any response. Hopefully someone here can give me a hand. :o

I'm trying to create this kind of effect:

What I have is a line of text and a paint splatter image, and I wanted to do that effect in the image where same-colored elements overlapping bits colors are inverted. Does that make sense? Well anyway, I could do it all by hand but it'd be a ton of work. I'm wondering if there's any kind of trick or method of some kind I could do to achieve this effect easily...or at least semi-easy. Easier than doing it by hand, anyway.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'd really appreciate any help.

05-08-10, 07:28
Put the different parts on different layers and then just look at all layer blend modes. One of them ought to do it.

05-08-10, 07:28
First things first, I'm using GIMP here, so I'm not entirely sure that everything's going to be named the same or be in the same place as it is in PhotoShop.

Presuming that each object is in a distinct layer with just a transparency behind it, select the layer beneath the one it's intersecting with, go to Layer -> Transparency -> Alpha to Selection to select the just the object, go to the layer above it, then go to Layer -> Transparency -> Intersect with Selection to select the overlap. Go to Colors -> Invert, and you're done!

Hopefully this helps! :)

05-08-10, 07:44
Thanks for those instructions! Worked like a charm. :)