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05-08-10, 10:54
Hi everyone.

I have my theory test tommrow and im even more nervous now because im taking it with a mild concussion ( cut my head open on tuesday)

Been doing plenty or pratice with my dvd, been passing but im getting this irrational fear when i think about the actual test

Everyone telling me it so easy and im thinkng omg im going to fail and look like an idiot. I physically shake and im not even there for another 24 hours.

Im worried all the questions im getting in these practice cd's arent even going to show up.

Im really scared :(

lara c. fan
05-08-10, 10:55

05-08-10, 10:56
Try some breathing techniques. Inhale and count slowly to two in your head, then exhale and count to two in your head. Keep it nice and slow, deep and BALANCED. Concentrate on it.
I also find that when I'm stressed, I'm prone to feeling cold and when I get very stressed - I can get nasty chills up my torso, so what I do is dress slightly warmer than necessary. You can always take off a layer later on if you find you don't need it.

Hope that helps, some :)

Mad Tony
05-08-10, 10:57
I'm taking mine in under two weeks. I've heard it's pretty easy really so by the sounds of it you should be fine. Good luck. :)

You are talking about your driving theory test, right?

05-08-10, 10:58
Practice your times tables. Mundane tasks which take your mind off of things also wake up the brain, preparing you for the test.
Or you could count cars of a specific colour. That might help too.

Of course, with good breathing as the poster two above me stated, with an actually helpful post containing suuggestions rather than, well, pointless encouragement.

05-08-10, 11:17
Don't worry about the questions if you've been doing it on a DVD. Most of the questions they ask will be pretty simple ones you could get without practice, but they do stick a few you just need to know. However the questions on your DVD will be exactly the same as the questions on the test.

I practiced the question part with a book. I just read through every question and guessed the answer, if I got it right I moved on, if I got it wrong I'd memorise it. Worked for me :)

How are you with Hazard Perception?

05-08-10, 11:24
thanks guys , my hazrard perception ok im hitiing and average between 52 - 64 so its a pass mark but i would rather be consistently high i would feel more at ease

06-08-10, 12:22
Thank u sooo much for all the advice guys I'm happy to say that I passed !!!! :) 49 out of 50 and 59 on hazard perception x x xx

06-08-10, 12:31
Congratulations! I passed mine yesterday aswell! You beat me on the hazard perception though ( I didn't understand what to do haha)

06-08-10, 12:34
Congrats :tmb:

06-08-10, 14:26
Well done! :) Huge relief, eh? :D Now onto the practical!

06-08-10, 15:08
Isn't obvious? Sex. And lots of it. Good luck. :wve:

Unless of course I'm a bit too late and you've already passed it... just have sex anyway. :p Think of it as a reward. :ton: