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05-08-10, 13:13
How did you scots do?

I got 5 A's, Two 1's and a 2. LIKE A BOSS.

What did you get? And does that affect what you're doing next year any?

05-08-10, 13:24
I take it you did some intermediates as well as standard grades? :p What level?

This year (my final year) I only took 3 subjects - Int 2 Hospitality (for the lulz), Advanced Higher Maths (Because maths is <3) and Advanced Higher Music (Because Music is <3). I got an A for Hospitality and a B for both maths and music.

Soooo, my final grades from High School are as follows:

SG Chemistry, Computing, French, Latin, Maths and Music - 1
SG English - 2
Int 2 History - B
Int 2 Hospitality - A
Higher Maths and English - A
Higher Music, Chemistry and Latin - B
Adv Music and Maths - B

I am proud ^^

And my results this year don't effect me next year because I already got an unconditional from my university of choice :D

You did awesome :D Regardless of whether those As are int 1, 2 or anything higher, they're still As! Well done :)

05-08-10, 14:36
Well done! Those are great results!

And I sat Int 2 this year, alongside some standard grades.

So English, Music, Art, History and Drama all got A's. Maths and French got 1's. And a 2 for Chemistry, which doesn't phase me since I'm not taking it next year, but I would have liked a 1 just to say, 'I aced it! Woo!'

Roll on not having to sit Maths or Chemistry this year! :jmp: