View Full Version : The Most Random Thing You Ever Read

07-08-10, 05:54
Do you know the most randomist thing is random people being random and stuff, and those randomly random random guys that say random stuff and do random things like say and write random 10 times really big like this: RANDOM. You know it says random, and like randomly random stuff you know that Im random, and your random, and he's random, and she's random.......ahhhhhh.... WE....ARE......ALL......RANDOM!!!!!

07-08-10, 05:58
My chatlogs with Kelsey.
'Nuff said.

07-08-10, 06:00
My chatlogs with Kelsey.
'Nuff said.

true that. ;D

07-08-10, 06:12
I think maybe this thread.

And I think maybe open chat.