View Full Version : Can you play games on XBL w/ Wi-Fi??

07-08-10, 21:04
I've had Wi-Fi and XBL for a while now. I can connect to XBL and download games/DLC but I'm unable to play online.:hea: Is there something I'm doing wrong or is my Internet just too weak, which can't be it because it's pretty fast.

I can't join games or anything and when I a start a game none of my friends can join it....I'm lost.:o

07-08-10, 21:06
Hmm. Well, to answer the question in the thread title, no. You need an Internet connection to play online. As for being able to download games/content yet not play, it still could be your connection even though it has fast download speeds. :o

07-08-10, 21:07
I know wi-fi can't be a problem...

Are all the proper ports on your router configured correctly?

07-08-10, 21:09
You have got a gold XBL account haven't you? You can't play games online if you've only got XBL silver.

07-08-10, 21:15
Spong: I have a Gold Membership :-/

trlestew: Yes everything's set up right I'm even using a router the boosts the signal strength and speed..

Hmmm....I just seems that since they make Wi-Fi adapters for 360's you should e able to play online

07-08-10, 21:18
Have you considered a direct connection via Ethernet cable?

07-08-10, 21:31
Have you considered a direct connection via Ethernet cable?

Yes, but unfortunately it's not available in our area...

EDIT: If you meant connect it to our modem, yes I have tried that but with no luck...

07-08-10, 21:35
Have you considered a direct connection via Ethernet cable?

Yes, but unfortunately it's not available in our area..:(

I think he means is it possible for you to connect your 360 to the router with an ethernet cable instead of using wi-fi?

I see your edit ;)

07-08-10, 21:38
^ Are you sure you know what I'm talking about? :p
This is an Ethernet cable:


You should be able to get one at the local electronic store outlet (Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc.) or even online websites like Amazon. :)

edit: Nevermind :vlol:

07-08-10, 22:01
Lol I love how nobody is reading my edit. XD

Well I guess it's just my wi-fi but I'll keep fooling around with it:D

Plus, it might not be to much longer until we get DSL in our area:)

Thanks for your comments guys!!:hug: Mods feel free to close this thread.

07-08-10, 22:21
You might get some better help if you ask in Technical Support (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=15) ;)

07-08-10, 22:27
more than likely you have Closed NAT. If you do it means the number of people you can connect to is seriously reduced, leading to slow games and less chance of being able to connect to people you know.
NAT issues are complicated and are usually caused by conflicting devices fighting for same IP on the same network, however checking your NAT on the xbox is relatively simle. Do a google search to check you NAT and find out about solutions.