View Full Version : Italian to English Translation

Laras Boyfr.
09-08-10, 14:58
hi there:)
newly i got a new superb game for mobile but its in italian,its no big problem but anyway i would like to play it in english.so would anyone agree to translate the files from italian to englsih?:o i would apreciate a lot. its around 2 DIN A4 papers big and take your time please:D
please pm me for the files

09-08-10, 15:27
cant you just look up a translator?

Laras Boyfr.
09-08-10, 15:45
cant you just look up a translator?

i tried it but the half of it remains italian:o

09-08-10, 18:10
Try translating bits of it one by one with an online translator since they have a word limit.

09-08-10, 18:52
Here's what i'd do. Why doncha use google translator for that game and copy and paste that in the translator.

09-08-10, 20:54
Google Translate is your friend