View Full Version : Looking into a deleted Twitter account archive?

09-08-10, 20:17
So I recently found out someone who attends my school made a twitter account in which they posted lies about the students at the school. My friend made a facebook status about this, and the person subsequently deleted the twitter.

I was wondering, is there any way to find out what messages were posted on a twitter account after the account has been deleted? What this person did was obviously illegal and I would really like to know who did it.

Thanks :)

09-08-10, 20:19
I found this page (http://do-exist.com/are-tweets-deleted-when-close-twitter-account/) that says the tweets do not get deleted.

09-08-10, 20:26
Thanks for the link. I just need to know how to find out where to get the 'undeleted' tweets.