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03-12-03, 14:29
I last posted about this awesome game when it was released.


It really is an addictive game if you have a computer that can handle it. It's an MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter).

Don't let the 'Shooter' part dissuade you. There are plenty of support and driver roles to choose from.

There are currently 5 servers: Markov, Emerald, Johari, Konried, and Werner (European).

There are 3 empires to choose from: Terran Republic (TR), New Conglomerate (NC), and Vanu Sovereignty (VS). Each of them has unique weaponry and vehicles available for use.

I am ActiveX (http://myplanetside.station.sony.com/character.jsp?charId=425482&worldId=3), leader of the outfit (clan) Enforcers (http://myplanetside.station.sony.com/outfit.jsp?outfitId=14282&worldId=3) on Markov under the NC empire.

Feel free to try the 7 day trial and look me up...if you are up to it that is... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif

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03-12-03, 23:59
I can't do keyboard controls, I've decided. Even simple point and click leaves me wallowing so imagine action? Looks like it could be good though!

04-12-03, 19:33

What type of control interface do you prefer?

04-12-03, 20:12
I'm a PS person. Took me long enough to get used to those controls that these hands and this brain are so in harmony they apparently can't adapt to change. :rolleyes:

05-12-03, 10:13
Kinda hoped this would show more interest... :(

PS needs more players...