View Full Version : Others adventure games with a female main character

12-08-10, 18:02
Okay guys, so other than Tomb Raider, what games are there that have female main characters (playable) that is an adventure game?
What did you find was the closest thing to Tomb Raider?

Three that I could pick out would be:
Mirros Edge
and this dosn't REALLY count, but you CAN play as Eleana or Chloe in Uncharted 2.

What other games can you think of?

12-08-10, 18:12
This will help you: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=170365

12-08-10, 18:15
Yeah that thread lists a lot of them.

One of the closest games, IMO, is Primal. Great game too.