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12-08-10, 19:43

On prince of persia the forgotten sands, I am at the part in the fortress courtyard where you kill that Minotaur like demon (that charges at you)... when he dies he uncovers a hidden switch on the column... straight after this section you press a switch to open the door on the high balcony and rush through it before it shuts. I died suddenly after getting through the door, and it reloads outside the door, which is shut again. There seems to be no way back down to the bottom without dying. So i think i am trapped on the balcony with the door.

12-08-10, 20:09
wait, first in which version is that

12-08-10, 20:13
Uhmm, I only know one place where something that you are describing can happen, and that is much, much further ahead in the game (King´s Tower, near some vultures).

Are you absolutely sure there is no way down?

Let me find the fix to the other glitch for ya...



12-08-10, 20:29
heres a vid of the bug i am describing


12-08-10, 23:01
Ah crap, that's the same bug but just a different place. It is all because of the stupid autosave. :hea:

The solution is the same:

Originally posted by FredEx919:
One thing I can suggest at this point would be to run the game from your backup Auto Save file. I included the steps for this below.

Xbox 360
1. From the dash board go to "My Xbox"
2. Scroll to System Settings (Far Right)
3. Choose "memory"
4. Open your storage device
5. Choose Games
6. Select "Prince of Prince:TFS"

1. From the XMB scroll to the games menu
2. Open the save data utility folder
3. Locate prince of Persia: TFS

You most likely have an "Auto Save" file and a "Backup Autosave" file. You can try deleting the "Auto Save" and then starting the game and choosing "Continue" allowing it to load from the backup autosave file. This will hopefully take you to an earlier point in the game that you can continue from. Let me know if this works.

13-08-10, 01:55
Ah crap, that's the same bug but just a different place. It is all because of the stupid autosave. :hea:

The solution is the same:

pc version... i had to restart game :o
it took about 20 mins to get back to the same part... it must be a short game

14-08-10, 00:18
Oh, that sucks. I don't know why they took out the bloody manual save. :o

The encounter with the first Titan is quite early in the game, but it is indeed a short game. It's better that way, it would have felt too repetitive otherwise.

I'm replaying it now to get the remaining achievements. I just managed to jump 30 times in a row on enemies. :D The key is to be quick, steer in the right direction and do it early in the game.

Enjoy the rest of it. :)

14-08-10, 07:22
1st playthrough i got all but one achievement kill tht annoying demon half way through the game without being hit, i didnt use a walkthrough or anything i was amazed when i killed the end boss without being hit as well lol

i spoilered it as i werent sure if ppl knew tht the achievement was for tht k