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Alex Shepherd
13-08-10, 10:54
Dearest friends
I don't really know if this is my huge trouble but wondering why is this happening to me

First... My parents never had a problem about having friends... They do really feel so happy when friends come to visit me... Year ago... I am used to see my special friend in school for studying with me in my house according to the middle and last year exam... My mother used to make us lunch so we eat and then study and I really have a VERY NORMAL LIFE!!

But now... when my grandmother came to us from U.A.E and wanted to stay with us... My parents had been completely changed about having friends in my house... furthermore... They do care if I am absent in the house... They don't need my friends to come. And they don't want me to go... As for this I don't really care... Trying to choose my best part of a family which is my grandmother... SO I will feel so embarrassed in front of my friends about it... But there is an accident... My friend made an official for the second time since he failed the first time... And so he failed for the second... His mother is in the mountain... His father is outside the country... His brother is kicking him outside his house because of his failing... When he fast the Ramadan... He came to me yesterday and ate at the time 11:00pm... He only drank water in his other friend's house at the time 7:30pm... He has a huge trouble... And his big brother is telling me to stay in my house because his parents don't want to see him... His parents causing him trouble every time everyday and treating him as he is not their own son... I am ready to help... When I let him to come to my house... MY grandma felt upset... I told her the problem she told me you are not his parent but I told her that there is a God to fear... If we are not parents to the poor people why people are trying to help them? He is my friend and he is younger than me for 3 years... he is too young in the middle of teenager 16... And I wonder why my mother is also very upset... Problems are coming and I am trying to solve it and now my parents are so upset about it...
Need help what do I have to do... And what is the wrong thing that I did...

Dark Lugia 2
13-08-10, 11:10
Have you asked your parents why they suddenly care about you leaving home and your friends coming to your home? Maybe your grandma said something to your parents about how your friends come over? Like I said, you should ask your parents why.
Its very good of you to want to help your friend aswell. You are being the good person and you didnt do anything wrong. Your grandma seems to be the one thinking of herself.

(I think) your grandma has been talking to your parents and told them she doesnt like you going out and your friends coming over to your home. I know in your culture people respect their elders a lot so maybe your parents are following your grandmas orders.

I hope you can find out why things are getting difficult for you, good luck :)