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12-12-04, 05:44
The Terra MODIS instrument captured this true-color image of Tropical Cyclone Bento on November 22, 2004. At the time this image was taken, Bento was located approximately 380 miles east-southeast of Diego Garcia and was moving towards the southwest at 5 mph. Maximum sustained winds were near 65 knots with gusts to 80 knots.

At the time this image was taken it had just become a Category 1 Cyclone. By the end of the day, it grew dramatically in power to a Category 3 storm, with winds of 105 knots (1 knot = 1.15 mph). It hit super-storm status on the 23rd and 25th; each time it was considered a Category 5 storm (the highest category) with winds of 140 knots. Despite its intensity, Bento was a short-lived system. It completely dissapated by mid-day on November 29th, never having come near any significant land-mass.


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