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13-08-10, 15:44
Decided I'd bring back the twitter thread one last time.
So dudes and dudettes, who's got twitter here? :D

Here's mine: http://www.twitter.com/tazziieeGAGA
So hollar to my profile and follow me plz, and take a hint I follow back my followers,
So it's a 100% chance you'll get a follow back from me :)

13-08-10, 16:02
Is the old one really so old that we need a new one?

If yes, you can find me at http://twitter.com/zcochrane . I follow people who I think write interesting stuff, so if you want me to follow you, simply make sure that most of what you say is interesting. :D

13-08-10, 16:07
I made a Twitter thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=155828&page=11) already,
it's not even a month old. :o

13-08-10, 17:42
Mason I'm so sorry I just haven't seen anyone write on your twitter thread for months so I figured I'd make one but oh well MODS close this one we'll continue this on masons thread :)

13-08-10, 17:47
Closed re: OP's request.

I think it makes sense though to keep all the twitter urls in the same place. :)