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13-08-10, 16:18
Unbelievable... So if you don't want to build up the courage to dump someone, they'll do it for you:


iDUMP4U takes the messiness out of any breakup. We collect the information about the person you want to break up with, and do the work for you. Since we have no emotional ties to the person, we can do it as honestly, and truthfully as possible..

Think about it.. Do you want to lie your way into a breakup, only to leave the person vulnerable to make the same mistakes twice, or do you want to educate them on why you broke up with them, so that they can change those personality traits that drove you away?

We are therapy, humanity and comedy all rolled into one!


$10 For A Basic Breakup
So you met some person online or at a club and you had a few good times, and now you want to get rid of them. Or you met someone else and you just want to let your old flame go. That is what the $10 plan does..

$25 For an Engagement Breakup
So you have cold feet? You could skip the country and fake a kidnapping… but look what happened to the “Runaway Bride” it seems like $25 is so much better than thousands of dollars in civil costs..

$50 for a Divorce Call
Sometimes you need someone else to help you start a divorce. We can’t hand your spouse the papers, or legally finalize the divorce, however we can help you get the awkward moment started…

Full site here (http://idump4u.com/).

lara c. fan
13-08-10, 16:21


Chocola teapot
13-08-10, 16:23
Oh my Go...

Sam as Dan!


13-08-10, 16:45
I've heard of this, and I've heard a sample phone call.

It's beyond pathetic.

13-08-10, 16:48
Oh my

13-08-10, 16:49
Great idea.

13-08-10, 16:49
Saki, expect to hear from them again. I've hired them to help me break up with you. I'm not sorry. :pi:

13-08-10, 16:51
I just purchased a series of Divorce Calls for every one of my wives. :)

Thank you, idump4u.com!

13-08-10, 16:51
Saki, expect to hear from them again. I've hired them to help me break up with you. I'm not sorry. :pi:

Oh no, what did I do wrong? :( What don't you like about me? :(

13-08-10, 16:53
Oh no, what did I do wrong? :( What don't you like about me? :(

Bish I paid them ten dollars! You're going to have to wait for your damn phone call to find out! :mad:

13-08-10, 16:53
I guess there IS a market for this :p.

Not me, though.

13-08-10, 16:54

What the hell?

13-08-10, 17:03
Thats wrong :/

13-08-10, 17:17
While of course I cannot condone spam....scoopy that last post made me laugh my head off!!

Hmmmm wonder if there is an uk market for this.....I could start charging at £20......

I, Tomb Raider
13-08-10, 17:19
OMG! :eek:

LMAO! :vlol:

13-08-10, 17:21
Ah wow that's just... that's not right, but so funny :vlol:

Seriously though, I think that's something that you yourself just have to do, awkwardness and all.

13-08-10, 17:21

Avalon SARL
13-08-10, 17:23

13-08-10, 17:25
Oh wow :o

13-08-10, 17:31
Wait, is this an automatic defecation service? :pi:

13-08-10, 17:42
Wtf :vlol:
Well, atleast they offer some help :pi:

Super Badnik
13-08-10, 18:04

13-08-10, 18:21
Wait, is this an automatic defecation service? :pi:

When I 1st saw the URL I wasn't sure what to expect... Since having someone take a dump for you doesn't really solve the problem :p

13-08-10, 18:33
OMG, who would do that? As many have said: pathetic.