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14-08-10, 12:55

Recently I started playing those cool yet very old, late '80s- and early '90s 2D platform games again like Prince of Persia (the first and original one), Lemmings (also the first and original one), Leisure Suit Larry, Mario Bros, Captain Comic, Commander Keen (of course! Véry fun!!!), Secret Agent (fun one from Apogee) and naturally the always-awesome Bio Menace! :D

Now for the actual question:

I remember áges ago playing a similar game but the name - I cannot remember - and I sooo much wanna play this game again. This is what I know - I hope anyone can help me, pléase! :)

* The game looks like Prince of Persia but not settled in Persia but in some modern-day fantasy monster world
* I thought the game was named Blackheart or Blacklight but I find nothing of that sort. I almost knów for sure though that the word Black was in it somehow.
* The hero is a guy with long black hair and looks like a guitarist of Metallica or Kiss or something. He fights with a gun that blasts monsters.
* One of these monsters, I remember, is a giant rock that comes alive and starts rolling on the floor and becomes a steady rock again. You gotta kill this monsters whilst it is rolling on the floor.
* It is of course 2D (going from the left to the right and back but nót 3D).
* That's all I can remember! :(

So basically: it is an old 2D-platform game featuring a muscled guy with long, black hair holding a big gun blasting monsters. The name probably has the word black in it and it is an update of the game "Prince of Persia" in that the action is rougher, the hero is tougher and instead of a sword, you have a gun.

I know it's not much, but I've looked éverywhere for this game. I hope anyone can remember what game I am talking about.

Many, many thanks in advance!

Bye for now

14-08-10, 21:06
I am sure it this:

http://content.imagesocket.com/thumbs/c84e8a6d32457e42ff609bf2170bd8be_BlackThorne8e6.jp g

21-08-10, 09:02
I found it. It was called Blackthorne. Great game - truly! :oD


Bye for now