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16-08-10, 03:27
I wonder if any of you could help me.

I remember years ago that I had a Tomb Raider comic where Lara actually fought against a bunch of zombies in a graveyard. I remember there being a television crew involved also, and it would've been around the late 1990's that it came out.

I've tried to google it, but to no avail, but if one of you have the issue of the comic, or know of the issue number, could you please let me know what it is?

This particular piece of Tomb Raider memorabilia means a lot to me, one of my childhood drawings (a rather rubbish one, but a childhood doodle nonetheless) was published in it.

Thank you. :)

16-08-10, 03:34
It's issue 15.

The cover:

just croft
16-08-10, 03:35
It's the frist part of the whichblade crossover entitled "Endgame". Part one belongs to the Tomb Raider series and it's number 25, part two belongs to the whichblade series and unfortunantly I don't know the number.

I was very lucky because I got the comics from a newspaper and they released that part two in the middle of the Tomb Raider series to complete the stories. :D

It's issue 15.

Or that, it also has Graveyards and Zombies :D You are right there are no journalists in Endgame ;)

16-08-10, 03:35
It's issue 15.

Ah, I just searched this issue, and it is indeed the one I was thinking of.

Thanks for the help :D

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16-08-10, 17:01
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