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17-08-10, 06:32
Well it's been a while since I played around with this, but I thought I'd make a thread. :) It's called the Way Back Machine, click here (http://www.archive.org/). Basically it shows you how websites looked in the past and tells you how long they've been online. Some sites work better than others, but I managed to get a glimpse of Tomb Raider Forums from 2002:


Pretty neat, huh? :D

17-08-10, 06:38
Ah, I remember having a lot of fun with this quite a while ago. :D

17-08-10, 06:40
Wasn't that site banned from here? :whi:

17-08-10, 06:41
Wasn't that site banned from here? :whi:

I don't ever remember hearing this? :confused:

I even searched and didn't find it in the history, but if it is I do apologize. :o

17-08-10, 06:43
Goodness! I just searched TRC.com and for a website from 2000, I must say it looks good! :D

17-08-10, 07:24
Oh I remember trf looking like that. I was struggling to download a trle level called candy mountain and when it led me to trf, I was just so confused by the layout and how weird it looked. Little did I know that trf would become the one site I can't live without a few years later. I love TRF :hug:

It's really cool to see the evolution of tombraider.com as well. I remember the aod era. I would visit that site daily and admire every feature. :D good times. Sigh

Yep, this archive site it cool. :)

17-08-10, 07:40
Goodness! I just searched TRC.com and for a website from 2000, I must say it looks good! :D

It's not until 2005 it becomes similar to what it is now, I'm refering to the white background and RSS on the left side.


I must say, I am impressed with it :)

Edit - OMG (http://web.archive.org/web/20070926221417/http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/) - This brings back memories I completely forgot!

17-08-10, 20:16
I remember when TRF used to start with a picture of AOD Lara pointing a gun at you :p. With the old software I think too =P

17-08-10, 20:21
Sweet Jesus, it's a dinosaur!