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Dennis's Mom
17-08-10, 22:36
This is a calendar of mock propraganda posters for 80s games. For those of us who felt a patriotic duty to donate our quarters to The Cause, this is pretty cool. Centipede is November!


Get yours here:


17-08-10, 22:46
i love the look to it:)

$35, though?; what..........ever.

17-08-10, 22:50
How about you just show us the images in a post and be done with it?

Most of us don't need solid calendars nowadays anyways.

EDIT: Looks like they are all available on the site. Forgive me, I just now noticed it! xD

Dennis's Mom
18-08-10, 12:52
i love the look to it:)

$35, though?; what..........ever.

Well, they are 11x17 prints that you could frame later if you so choose. They would look really cool framed around a game room.