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Agent 47
18-08-10, 00:12

Apparently i've posted this advert to ALL the people on my contacts list

Hey, 3 days ago I signed up at *link removed* as a tester and today I got my iPad. All you need to do is to tell them your opinion about iPad and you can keep it forever. You should hurry since i highly doubt this is gonna last forever.

Thanks to Mads (Larson_1988) for alerting me :hug:

To all persons on my contacts list, i did NOT post it, and i'm absolutely fuming about it.

It's a bit much when some twat compromises your account. Bewarned fellow Facebook users......it could happen to YOU!!!!!

18-08-10, 00:15
Hmm... thanks for the head's up, I'll keep an eye out for this.

18-08-10, 00:24
Cheers for the heads up. :tmb:

18-08-10, 00:26
Yeah, I've seen that a lot recently. Thanks :)

I, Tomb Raider
18-08-10, 00:30
Whatever... I don't have a Facebook account. :pi:

Agent 47
18-08-10, 00:35
No problem folks. I know there's alot of Facebook users on here so i felt it a duty to inform you.

Naturally i'm not impressed nor do i tolerate my name being used in such a manner.......totally uncool :(

What i got was a different scam though, not the one described in the BBC article. I don't add or accept Facebook applications, the ad i'm apparently sending must be a rogue hack surely?

I, Tomb Raider
18-08-10, 00:36
Why don't everyone cancel it? :confused:

18-08-10, 00:59
Thanks for the heads up I posted it on my page so everyone knows.

18-08-10, 01:35
Actually clicking and allowing access to your account one of these things sets your account open for whatever that application wants.

Make sure you really know what you are allowing access when getting applications on Facebook.

(basically giving permission to spam your account)

18-08-10, 01:39
(t)hanks for the heads up, i'll tell my friends not to choose the Wong thing

18-08-10, 08:37
O is that why i had a comment from you then it said "this post has been removed" :p

18-08-10, 09:46
Thanks for telling us :tmb:

18-08-10, 09:46
thanks for the heads up, though i usually ignore links i can't recognise or go to google and put the subject through it, my antivirus/spyware has a link checker

18-08-10, 10:49
I was wondering why my cousin posted something like this on my wall :p

She must've have used that thingy.

Avalon SARL
18-08-10, 20:41
Thanks for the notification :D
I appreciate it