View Full Version : TFU3 cancelled and unnamed projects on hold by LucasArts

18-08-10, 11:02
Just a rumour, but this could be the reason Haden Blackman left the development of TFU2:


It seems the new boss, Paul Meegan, is wielding an unmerciful sledgehammer on all things developed by non-LucasArts developers too. So expect no more LEGO Star Wars or Indiana Jones games.

18-08-10, 11:05
That guy sounds like a *****.

Alex Fly
18-08-10, 11:06
I read about it yesterday and I thought it was a weird decision considering the success of the first game (and also the Lego Indiana Jones and Star Wars games as well). Apparently it's definitely not a rumor...

18-08-10, 11:07
I can see why he's doing it.

You must have heard about the Battlefront III story, about Free Radical going down while developing BFIII. I can see that, from his point of view, he does not want another big title going that way. And I can also see that he's thinking "What if TFU2 doesn't sell well? What is the point of a TFU3 then?" Although I cannot see how TFU2 will fail to sell plenty of copies.

Alex Fly
18-08-10, 11:13
All I can see is that this dude is the worst boss the team could have expected. :p

On a serious note, that's really not fair ! :(

19-08-10, 03:20
FUUUUUUUU%#(%_#*)!!! :hea:
Goddammit, Lucas Arts, get your **** together! I don't care about effing Star Wars, there's plenty of those games, but for God's sake Indiana Jones is perfect for video games and he's getting the shaft at every turn! **** you!