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18-08-10, 15:53
Today is dead my best friend......48 years old.... my heart is death with you... your best friend FIL.....

18-08-10, 15:54
This in Underworld section ;o?

18-08-10, 15:57
This in Underworld section ;o?

but u have an heart?

18-08-10, 16:00
Im sorry for your loss.

Ps. This shouldn't be in this forum section

18-08-10, 16:00
I'm really sorry for your loss. May your friend rest in peace.

But Vinkula is right, this should be in the General Chat section, hopefully a mod will move it :).

18-08-10, 16:03
sure.. sorry but i've written in the first thread... sorry again....

18-08-10, 16:06
Yes I have a heart and I just noted about wrong section. It doesn't have anything to do with your friend.

Btw, I am sorry to hear that :(

18-08-10, 16:23
Sorry to hear about your loss. :( All the best.

18-08-10, 19:26
I'm terribly sorry to hear that mate. :hug:

18-08-10, 19:27
I am sorry for your loss. :( May he rest in peace. :hug:

18-08-10, 19:29
That really sucks, losing a friend isn't fun, sadly I know. May your friend rest in peace!

Avalon SARL
18-08-10, 20:11
Sorry for your loss:(
That is so sad
Be strong :hug:

May your friend R.I.P

18-08-10, 20:25
I am so sorry for your loss...:(
I don't want to hurt you but my curiosity is asking me... How?
You don't need to answer, that's for sure but...:(

Dennis's Mom
18-08-10, 21:09
I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sure it's tough right now. *hugs*

18-08-10, 21:10
im really sorry for youre loss :hug: its always hard to lose somebody special :o

18-08-10, 21:13
Sorry for your loss :(
May your friend rest in peace :hug:

18-08-10, 21:13
aww no :( im really sorry to hear about your loss xx

Chocola teapot
18-08-10, 23:12
I'm SO sorry for your loss, How Tragic. :(

19-08-10, 08:41
I'm really sorry! I know what it's like to lose a dear friend, well, at least two.
We're here for you! :hug:

19-08-10, 09:00
I'm so sorry to hear that :(
May him rest in peace :hug:

(I can't believe people are *****ing about this being in wrong section. Idiots)

19-08-10, 09:07
i'm sorry for your loss, may he rest in peace.

19-08-10, 09:23
thanks to everybody.. is wonderful have friends near,like you.. thx again....

19-08-10, 18:18
Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. May he rest in peace. :hug:

19-08-10, 18:19
あなたの損失を気の毒に :hug:

That's "Sorry for your loss" in Japanese. :hug:

May he rest in peace. :)

19-08-10, 18:28
I think a death of a person shouldn't be mentioned in a forum.:o
But maybe it helps to get over your Sadness...
May he rest in Peace:o

19-08-10, 18:33
I think a death of a person shouldn't be mentioned in a forum.:o

Why not? :confused:

19-08-10, 18:33
Why not? :confused:

You know, there are young people here. :p

19-08-10, 18:37
You know, there are young people here. :p

So? We're not talking about sex.

Sorry for your loss. RIP.

19-08-10, 18:37
I'm sorry to hear that. :( just stay strong. :hug:

19-08-10, 18:39
You know, there are young people here. :p

So death should be taboo because of young people? People die. Regardless of their age. It's all a part of life anyway.

19-08-10, 18:45
Sorry to hear about your friend :(:hug:

20-08-10, 00:20
Gomen Nasai : Sorry for your loss , may they rest in the Heavens for ever, and "follow the raindbows to find the Sacred Heart" :D [quote by Ronnie James Dio]