View Full Version : HELP!!! Can't login on MSN!!!

20-08-10, 16:44
I'm trying to login on MSN today and I'm keeping getting this Error: 80048823
I tried everything...the "forgot the password" option and the sercet question which I can't remember.... HELP ME!!!! Plus I'm scared that my account might been hacked!!!

20-08-10, 16:47
Have you tried googling the error code?

20-08-10, 16:48
Have you tried googling the error code?I did

20-08-10, 16:50
^ then you should of came to this:

Windows Live Messenger could not sign you in because the sign-in name you entered does not exist or your password is incorrect. Error code: 80048823

Before you start. Did you enter correct Username and Password?

1. The date on your computer needs to be set properly. Double click the clock verify that
the time and date are set.
2. If your password information is not saved, verify that you are typing it in with the
correct case (uppercase or lowercase).
3. Change your password at hotmail.co.uk/.com to
something smaller (under 10-12 characters), then try signing in again.
4. If you use a firewall (like ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security etc.), it's possible
that Messenger doesn't have the correct rights to access the Internet, especially since you
upgraded. You may need to re/add Messenger to the allowed list of programs in your firewall
if this is the case.
5. If you disabled your firewall in the past, it still may be blocking Messenger. Try
restarting it and see if that helps the situation. You also might try uninstalling an
installed firewall, to verify that it isn't causing a problem (even if it is disabled).
6. Clear your IE cache and cookies. Open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, then
Internet Options, then click the Delete Files button, and when that's complete click the
Delete Cookies button.
7. Check your IE Security settings. Open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, then
Internet Options, then Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section, and verify that "Check
for server certificate revocation" is unchecked. Also verify that 'Use SSL 2.0' and Use SSL
3.0' is checked, then click OK.
8. Click Start, then Run, and enter the following:
regsvr32 softpub.dll
then click OK
and do the same for the following:
regsvr32 wintrust.dll
regsvr32 initpki.dll
9. If using MSN Messenger 7, click the Tools menu, then Options, then Connection category,
click the Advanced Settings button, uncheck all the options, click OK twice and then try

20-08-10, 16:51

Theres also some info on that.

20-08-10, 16:52
If you can't fix it, you have been hacked. Many people have this problem, especially for talking/adding people you shouldn't. :)

20-08-10, 16:57
I really hate the clock/date verification thingy. Always ****s up the login for me. XD

20-08-10, 17:03
This is Urgent, there is a pile of address on my account on it...

20-08-10, 17:06
I am sure you have been hacked, something similar happened to my sister :(

20-08-10, 17:26
Wonder this is connected to virus alret I had during the week?

Laras Boyfr.
20-08-10, 18:10
try open ur msn from meebo.com;)

20-08-10, 19:00
try open ur msn from meebo.com;)Nothing Either

20-08-10, 19:15
I got that last week, resetting my modem did the job for me.

20-08-10, 21:01
You should've posted this in Technical Support

Chocola teapot
20-08-10, 21:23
OMFG, You post things to me often dont you! D:

I'm worried now! D:

Capt. Murphy
20-08-10, 21:54
There was one time this happened to me... But it's been a LONG time since I've used MSN. The problem was an update to the firewall I was using at the time. I think I had to (somehow) undo the update to the firewall. And I think the firewall was ZoneAlarm. Maybe. :confused:

Just thought I'd share since I doubt what happened to me is the solution to whatever is causing your problem. :-p But if it is, then... :tmb: I hope it helps.

Agent Dee
21-08-10, 01:16
i had the same problem before, I simply uninstalled it, and re installed and while i was at it I checked to see that I had the newest version of it. when I signed in after installing it worked again, so if all else fails, try that ;).

21-08-10, 01:54
The message said:

Messenger couldn't be installed because we had trouble installing this requirement:

*Microsoft Application Error Reporting

Please try reinstalling again. An unknown error occurred. hr:0x80070015


Yeah, I've been trying to install it for months now and still no luck. Maybe, someone is more intelligent than me at this kind of thing. :confused:

Help, please! :o

21-08-10, 02:27
Wonder this is connected to virus alret I had during the week?

Maybe...viruses can muck up a lot of things.

21-08-10, 03:56
try updating your fiewall as well as getting the latest version of messenger

21-08-10, 08:52
Try logging on with eBuddy to make sure it hasn't been hacked.

21-08-10, 13:17
Good News...Microsoft send me a password reset! I regain control on My account this morning. It was hacked!!!!The scammer has been sending emails to my friends and family.

This what they sent to people:

This had to come in a hurry and it has left me in a devastating state, it's an EMERGENCY. I'm in some terrible situation and I'm really going to need your ASAP. Few days ago, unannounced, I went on a trip to Glasgow, Scotland (United Kingdom) and unfortunately for me I got robbed by thieves, they got all my cash, credit cards everything and now I'm stranded. Right now and my return flight leaves in few hours time but I need some money to clear some bills, I didn't bring my cell phone along since I didn't get to roam them before coming over. So all I can do now is pay cash and get out of here quickly.I do not want to make a scene of this which is why I did not call my house, this is embarrassing enough.

I was wondering if you could loan me some cash, I'll refund it to you as soon as I arrive home just need to clear my Hotel bills and get the next plane home, As soon as I get home I'll refund it immediately.

Write me so I can let you know how to send it.

21-08-10, 13:19
I hope you have learnt your lesson. Don't add randomers and make sure you know EVERYONE on your MSN list. :)

Stay safe. That could of been a lot more dangerous... getting your home details, etc.. finding out where you live. I really suggest and hope you are more careful next time.