View Full Version : Question about Steam and FFXI :)

22-08-10, 21:43
I wasn't quite sure where to put this because it falls into several categories. >.> So if it's not in the right spot let me know. :)

I recently got FFXI: Ultimate Collection through Steam and I was wondering if I could use the CD-Key it came with to upgrade my existing FFXI Account? By that I mean use it to obtain all the Expansion Packs that I currently don't have. Or should I just make a new account and go from there? My old account hasn't been active in more than a year but I had a character on the Bahamut server and from what I've gathered it's impossible to join that server now due to overpopulation.

If I am forced to make a new account which server should I join? Which is the most populated one at the moment that isn't locked? Thanks! :D