View Full Version : Tomb raider anniversary - i need help

23-08-10, 09:20
> hello i just bought TOMB RAIDER ANNIVERASARY and im already having trouble
> im a handicaped person with a slightly bad left hand and im really
> stuck -- Right now im at Midas Palace at the flaming pillars trying to get
> the last artifact i know the rought to get to the last artifact and
> everything but i cant get there fast enough by the time i get there the
> pillar keeps lowering down with the artifact still inside, i keep having
> to go pack and pull the switch trying to get the artifact but i cant make
> it. Having a bad let hand makes it a little harder. Im also having trouble
> operating the ADRENALINE DODGE which is even more thrustrating, like i
> said its because of my bad let hand. PLEASE! come up with a solution for
> me i need help! PLEASE! i also bought TOMB RAIDER UNDERWORLD i couldnt
> play that at all! everytime i tried to install it, IT kept asking me to
> install a program called " DIRECT X 3D " what to hell is direct x 3D? if
> this is a new game it should be complete, i shou!
> ldnt have to worry about installing anything else, so i returned the game,
> please dont advertise something unless it works, please help me with these
> problems! especially with TOMB RAIDER ANNIVERSARY -- thanks very much ---

23-08-10, 10:35
1. Timing is not a technical issue, sorry. I can only recommend Flight patch usage to overcome that particular obstacle :)

2. You must have outdated video board or video drivers. Run Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the report.

BTW, was that style of typing really necessary? It's not comfortable for the eyes tbh... unless it's more comfortable for you considering your problems (I fail to see how, frankly).