View Full Version : Do you ever visit the official Eidos forums?

23-08-10, 18:15
Just a general question to all, pretty much everyone knows Eidos has their own set of official forums here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/), but how many of us actually go there?

Keir and Jay both come here as well, it seems we're a little more populated, but how many of us actually go both places?

Me, I have an account over on Eidos forums, but only post here. :p

23-08-10, 18:17
Only been on it once or twice a long time ago, and I don't plan on visiting it again.

23-08-10, 18:17
Yeah, Iīm quite active there as well. :D
It was the first forum I ever joined.

23-08-10, 18:17

23-08-10, 18:18

23-08-10, 18:19
I think I signed up around the time Underworld came out, but I never got too active there. Haven't logged on in ages.

23-08-10, 18:19
I never visited, and the opinions I've seen here about them have made me not want to either. :o

23-08-10, 18:20
I've been a couple times. Pretty horrible.

23-08-10, 18:20
I think I lurked there once just to see what it was like. That lasted a whole whopping 5 minutes I believe. Didn't care much for what I saw.

23-08-10, 18:21
I barely go there. ;)

What will we do when Justin says he isToo Old to Run the Board or say he had Enough and Close the Site Down, what Horror will then Befall Us and Where will we Go. :yik::yik::yik::yik::vlol::vlol::vlol::p:p:p:p

23-08-10, 18:21
nope, never been on it at all :p

Ward Dragon
23-08-10, 18:21
I used to be quite active in their Legacy of Kain section, but then the sixth game got canceled and I realized that this place existed for discussing TR and I like it better here, so I don't really visit the official forums anymore.

23-08-10, 18:22
Hell no lol, I stay as far as I can from that place.

I, Tomb Raider
23-08-10, 18:22
I never go there. :D

23-08-10, 18:26
Eidos has way too many kids repeating the same threads over and over. If anything, I'll just go there to steal info.

btw, Hi Cat. :wve:

23-08-10, 18:28
I don't really go there much :o

Another Lara
23-08-10, 18:29
I joined the Eidos forums before I joined here, but I never posted there and I found it quite boring so eventually never went back!

Ward Dragon
23-08-10, 18:29
There's already way too much drama within TRF itself. We don't need any inter-forum drama to add to the mess XD For that reason, we don't want people to bash other forums. My general view is leave bad things behind instead of bringing them here, and just be happy to be here :)

Edit: That was in general, not directed at the post above me :)

Avalon SARL
23-08-10, 18:34
I visited it couple of times
dont plan to do it again
donno why,but it feels horrible and everyone seems a stranger

23-08-10, 18:39
No, I don't visit the official forum.
I don't even know who is registered there.

23-08-10, 18:42

Kelly Craftman
23-08-10, 18:42
I used to, That's how i became really good friends with Tomb-Dude but not anymore. I can't be bothered lmao.

23-08-10, 18:47
Nope never :) , May of stumbled up on it a bit but that's all

Another Lara
23-08-10, 18:49
I know Jay has more power on the Eidos forum (think he's admin) but he hardly ever goes there, he prefers it here, so it just shows you which one is clearly better lol! ;)

23-08-10, 18:50
Yeah, I'm registered on there! :D

23-08-10, 18:52
I registered there once a few years ago, but never had a reason to be a regular.

23-08-10, 18:54
The thing I never liked about official message boards were aside from getting the most posters, that percentage ends up with the absolute worst groups nobody wants to deal with. Also when it comes to anything like dev's, publishers, or whoever's joining in, they usually post just because they're trying to peddle their products rather then being an actual part of any community (AVP2010 (http://forums.sega.com/forumdisplay.php?f=89) being one hell of example). Once that product ends, they're gone with a "don't call me, we'll call you" mentality.

Stick with fansites. The people on those boards are more or less on the same boat with you.

23-08-10, 18:56
I have been there, everyone seemed nice :D

But there was no real reason to stay.

23-08-10, 18:58
Yes, I visit the Eidos forums & post... but never as actively as I have done here. :)

23-08-10, 18:59
Like Matt, I have an account there aswell, but I only post here. :p

23-08-10, 19:04
I used to be quite active in their Legacy of Kain section, but then the sixth game got canceled and ....

:( DAMMIT! I'm still bummed. I'd love another LoK/SR game.

I think I signed up long ago, but heck if I remember. This place has always been King of TR for me. The champagne of the TR world sits right here.

Ward Dragon
23-08-10, 19:10
:( DAMMIT! I'm still bummed. I'd love another LoK/SR game.

Yeah. I think I'd be super psyched if some of the alternate characters for GoL DLC turn out to be Kain and Raziel because that would mean that Square still considers them to be good characters and it would give me hope of getting another game at some point in the future :o

23-08-10, 19:14
No, never. :whi:

23-08-10, 19:17
Hell naw, the official ones are always the worst.

23-08-10, 19:21

23-08-10, 20:43
Not really no.

More like once or twice but that was like....a year ago

23-08-10, 20:45
I lurk, but it's not as active as it is here so there's no real.. drive to go back often.

I won't lie, I did sign up just to enter a contest. *ashamed*

23-08-10, 20:46
No. I think I am a member, but I haven't visited since I registered a long, long time ago. I get all the information I need here.

23-08-10, 20:59
I joined there before I knew of this place. But I've been here since being introduced by someone. The general chat section is sooo quiet and the TR topics aren't as in depth with the discussions as here.

23-08-10, 21:05
I've never posted there. I believe I made an account at some point a year ago because someone wanted me to read something, but that's the only time I ever went on that forum.

Capt. Murphy
23-08-10, 21:10

Is it as pervy there as it is here? :pi:

23-08-10, 21:24
Nah :/

23-08-10, 21:29
Not really.
I used to visit it from time to time around 2-3 years ago, but I haven't been there ever since.

Lara's home
23-08-10, 21:35
I've posted there twice or something. I found the forum layout very ugly and messy, so I wasn't tempted to go back.. It was a long time ago, though. It might have changed..

23-08-10, 21:36
A few times in 2008, but never the past year.

23-08-10, 21:36
I have an account, I visited and posted few times before TRU was released, but haven't visited ever since :o

23-08-10, 21:36
Do you ever visit the official Eidos forums?

Ew, no. :p

23-08-10, 21:45

Is it as pervy there as it is here? :pi:

:vlol:, nah, quite proper, almost sedate compared to here :p

23-08-10, 22:33
I have an account, but ive only made like 3 responses.

its rather boring over there.


just croft
23-08-10, 23:29
Nop. I made an account to post some magazine info once on TRU. I'm not very fond of the place...

23-08-10, 23:30
No. I didn't even want to click the link in your first post. :mis:

23-08-10, 23:53
Wow I didn't realize how many people didn't go there, very interesting. :eek:

Thanks for your responses everyone, too bad this wasn't a poll. :p

23-08-10, 23:54
Wow I didn't realize how many people didn't there, very interesting. :eek:

Thanks for your responses everyone, too bad this wasn't a poll. :p
Didn't what there? :eek:

23-08-10, 23:55
I think itīs interesting to see how many people talk about it like itīs some sort of nasty contagious disease.

23-08-10, 23:57
Didn't what there? :eek:

Didn't go there, silly me for my typos. :ton:

Silly you for noticing. :smk:

23-08-10, 23:59
I much prefere this forum, much much much.

For that forum being the official bored, it seems like we know more of what's going on here.

I've also never been able to successfully register there for some reason.:/

24-08-10, 00:02
I much prefere this forum, much much much.

For that forum being the official bored, it seems like we know more of what's going on here.

I've also never been able to successfully register there for some reason.:/
Hehe. :p

Itīs not so active, thatīs why I signed up here. Had to get used to the drama though, damn. (And to the huge avatars, canīt believe people want them even bigger. (Reminds me of breast augmentation for some reason :p.))

Super Badnik
24-08-10, 00:21
Yes, I did use it for a while once when I got tired of this place's facist tendancies. I seem to remember it being slightly quieter than here. Also they don't let you have proper avatars.

24-08-10, 00:58
No i haven't been on the eidos forum but i might eventually register an account there and post.

24-08-10, 01:23
I joined there before I came here:) Its been pretty boring lately though:(

24-08-10, 01:49
I did a few times and didn't like it there.

24-08-10, 02:47
I once entered to that place and ran away horrified.

24-08-10, 02:52
I joined that forum first. But then one day someone post a link to TRF for something, and I realized this place was far more superior. I havent been back since :p

24-08-10, 12:12
I am full admin on the eidos forums, but its a very different set of people who post on there.. Get a LOT of spammers who actively just try and bring our servers down, or who protest `post` constantly.. there is a community on each title obviously but i likes it here :)

24-08-10, 12:14
Pfft; no. The place is so dull.

24-08-10, 12:29
... They have TR Related forum games there, and that was the only good thing about it.

It gets quiet. I've gone back a few times, but it seems more dead than when I left.

That's the time I lurked here, and went on and joined for the free se--- I mean, nice people.

24-08-10, 12:41
I joined before but left soon after. They're like a group of brainwashed zombies.

24-08-10, 12:43
been on it a little but prefer here

larson n natla
24-08-10, 12:44
Afraid I am yet to visit.

Melonie Tomb Raider
24-08-10, 13:33
I'll visit the Eidos forums on occasion, but not that often. :p

lord gaga
24-08-10, 13:37
I have looked at it but it is not as fun and active as here. I looked at joining either that one or this one and i was like "tomb raider forums it is" after glancing at edios.

the ancient
24-08-10, 15:15
No once in my life maybe

26-08-10, 17:57
I'm only there in Read-only on Batman and LoK forums. The TR community is dead there.

27-08-10, 00:22
I just had a look there, wow, its all so cluttered! :yik:

27-08-10, 00:25
i hated it :o its too insane and unorganized and confusing, not to mention the tomb raider section is going downhill, especially lately :p

Nerd For Life
27-08-10, 03:07

27-08-10, 03:42
I cant be bothered with Eidos in general, just tomb raider ;)

27-08-10, 03:44
I cant be bothered with Eidos in general, just tomb raider ;)

Oh no you didn't, girlfriend. :ohn:


27-08-10, 03:55
I certainly did :p

27-08-10, 04:46
nope. what's the point, TRF is perfectly fine.

27-08-10, 12:11
I went there once for the TRLE section. I posted for help and that was the latest post in that section for 3 days :p

27-08-10, 12:22
Posted there once or twice 2 years ago.