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25-08-10, 21:07
Hi to everybody, that are?, i with an idea in the head, to create a multiplayer game online.
That you think my idea?, i with my proposals:
title: the adventure of the hawaii.
genere: sports, mgo.
age to register: +12
sports to choose: swimming, diving free and competicion and volleyball. history: has been elected or chosen to go, the mini island of hawaii sports.
You will have to face to the top athletes in swimming, diving, volleyball and kayak.
as anger: there will 450 houses in each server (we started with 3 servers). to complete the cup wood, you can access the spa, which comes with sauna (white skin to brunette skin), jacuzzi (te regenerates the injuries and the hp) and swimming pool, cup metal complete to access to the forest mountain, with 1 new sport, the kayak. cups: cup bronze, silver, gold, wood, plastic and metal.

25-08-10, 21:13
Hi, I think you mean a thread like this one: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=171096

You can request a game there and see if enough people are interested to play it (and have it). :)

26-08-10, 22:12
love2raid, mgo is to create a game for fans, not proposing it as if it existed.

lara c. fan
27-08-10, 07:07
You do know how hard and time-consuming it will actually be to make that, right?

27-08-10, 12:15
at most we are, the easier, plus I have to occur more ideas on the gameplay (yesterday I started drawing a map of the game).

27-08-10, 12:19
I don't comprehend. I'd like to see your working plan. How are you planning on creating that.

27-08-10, 16:47
map image.
description colors:
green: grass
orange: shop
gray: road
dark purple: home
black: way
purple: limit of mountain
blue river: kayak path
blue sky: parking
blue sea: sea
dark gray: footpath

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs383.snc4/44652_155575761119456_100000010981949_493926_59201 83_n.jpg

07-11-10, 07:47
this could be the engine for the game. if not for online gaming. http://secondlife.com/?lang=en-US

is declared. is an online game. as we create?

1-someone will have to buy. land is not buildable.
2-start to create objects. and fill the field
3-create the horizons

and we'll see. costs 9.95 per month.

08-11-10, 02:57
$9.95? Jeeze, World of Warcraft doesn't even charge that much. Especially if it's running on a free engine.

I can see you do not know fluent english.

Here's what he is proposing:

An online sports game where you "live" in Hawaii, and play a variety of different sports. In the meantime, you build a home by using what you earned by playing the different sports. That map is just what the island looks like.

That's what I got from it.

He wants someone else to make it, though.

And you know there is a spanish forum below, yes? Just look below "Technical Support".