View Full Version : Auto mantience is a pain in the @#%!!

26-08-10, 01:26
Today I was going around town to get some things ready for working on my van, mainly oil change, filters etc. So I call my a friend because I had a tough time trying to figure out where the air filter goes and figured if it was on the inside of the motor, I'm gonna be spending quite some time with cuts and a few curse words before it's over n done with. He goes to ask me about what I paid in total for all the junk which was $30 and goes into detail that most oil stations (like Fleet Farm, if you have one of those handy nearby) still charge that much doing it for you.


So yeah, tomorrow I have to make another trip to return this junk, then go sit on my butt for an hour. Following that, laundry.... zzzzzzzzz.

Evan C.
26-08-10, 01:27
Bad day,huh?

Bongo Fury
26-08-10, 01:36
should look on the positive side of things - valuable info was gained which can be applied to all future oil changes.

Uzi master
26-08-10, 01:36
One of the reasons why even when I'm old enough to drive I'm still just gonna take the bus:p

26-08-10, 01:38
Short-bus you mean. :cln:

Capt. Murphy
26-08-10, 01:44
Wal-Mart>Automotive Center>15 Pnt Check. :tmb:

Browse around the store while you wait.:)

26-08-10, 01:56
The air filter is usually in a housing unit outside the engine but in the engine compartment. Mine is under the front bumper but that's because I have an after market cold air intake. THAT's a pain in the ass to get to. :p

26-08-10, 02:25
Computer Maintinence is a @@@!!!%!%!%!%@@%@%%!%@%

No more to say, I am sure Auto is just as bad.

What's worse is when you do not know what to do, it's like trying to stop yourself from aging. O.O ....:pi:

26-08-10, 02:51
Computer Maintinence is a @@@!!!%!%!%!%@@%@%%!%@%

No more to say, I am sure Auto is just as bad.

What's worse is when you do not know what to do, it's like trying to stop yourself from aging. O.O ....:pi:

Computers are easy. Working with an engine block over your head when you know one slip can crush you is a fun event in itself.

26-08-10, 03:31
Yeah oil changes are a pain, but that comes with having a car, blasted maintenance. :rolleyes:

That reminds me, I need to change my oil. :vlol:

26-08-10, 03:43
Ah I feel your pain. This is why auto classes are really nice :vlol: Got to work on a variety of vehicles during high school, and now I've got a pretty decent idea of how to do most of this stuff, as well as some hands on experience doing it. Anything you learn this first time can help you in the long run, and once you do it enough you'll probably find that you'll get fewer and fewer cuts and such :D

26-08-10, 08:26
There's nothing better then bad days huh? xD

I'll just stick to the subway/ stockholm metro cause my car would break after 5 minutes xD

26-08-10, 08:32
Maybe if you start posting threads like this, it is really time for a new car? :D

OK, probably not if it’s just normal wear and tear like that. Still, that was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the title. Personally, I am lazy and let a workshop handle all that. I know how to check the oil, change tires and recharge an empty battery, but that’s it. Of course that costs more than doing it yourself…

Dennis's Mom
26-08-10, 12:57
Sadly the way cars are designed and built today means you need professional tools or help. I was at my dad's a couple of weeks ago, and a friend of his was there removing his transmission just to get to a plug that was leaking.

Good luck. Car frustrations stink.