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26-08-10, 07:28
So I remember playing this game when I was a kid, and I cant remember at all what its called, so if any of you could help out it'd be awesome :)

So it was a PC game, it would have been anywhere between 1997 and 2001 when I played it. It was likely released between those years. I was only little at the time so it was likely a childrens educational game, but it might not have been. It took place in a caste. It was 3D. I remember one specific part, the queen was like sewing with a spinwheel thing... That's about all I remember :o

26-08-10, 07:34
You just reminded me of "Ruff's Bone" and the Magic School Bus games!!!

OMFG~~!! xD

EDIT: Oh snap, I have Logical Journey of the Zoombinis in the other room! xD

26-08-10, 07:38
Do you remember any of the characters and what they looked like at all?

26-08-10, 07:46
Sorry to add to this thread, but instead of bumping my old thread I might as well post here as it is the same discussion. :)

Hi guys, lately I have been remembering this game that I played years ago but I just can't think of the name!

The only things I can remember about the game is that there is some rabbit type character who is green, I think and he helps you along the way, the game is all prerendered and you see from the players eyes. If I remember correctly I think the game was also set in a movie set type of place, and then, I think, this might be a different game, but the next part is in black and white but I am not entirely sure. There is this one puzzle I remember where you have a jewelery box that has 6 gems and one open space in the middle, and you have to try and get the gems to their opposite sides, there is also this other puzzle where, I think again, that you have to fix a stain glass window. This game is a point and click btw, and I think it is meant for like younger kids, but the game was just awesome when I used to play it and I want to try and find it again.

Thanks to anyone who can help! :D
^ And to add to that, I think one of the other puzzles was finding a scroll for, I think, a painting set in Elizabethan times.

Anybody be able to help? :o

26-08-10, 07:58
^ Is it Jazz Jackrabbit? That has a green rabbit :p Have a look through this list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_hares_and_rabbits#In_video_and_c omputer_games

Do you remember any of the characters and what they looked like at all?

The queen was blonde, thats all I remember :o And I think she wore red

26-08-10, 08:27
:jmp: OMG I FOUND IT! Its called Crayola 3D Castle Creator. Im so happy :D

EDIT: Sorry, double post

26-08-10, 21:30