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29-08-10, 21:30
So, lately my hair has been really dry. I haven't done anything different with it so I have no idea why its all frizzy. But now it looks really bad. I literally have an afro (ie. My profile picture :pi:)

So does anybody know any like "secret remedies", or have any tips for someone with dry hair? I really dont wanna have to cut all off right before school starts... Help me out :o

29-08-10, 21:45
I have extremly dry and thin curly hair that is unmanageable and I use herbal essences beautiful ends serum:



the body shop coconut shine


and viola! problem should be sorted. I've tried all sorts of products to solve the problem and these two worked the best :)

EDIT: also, if you carry on not protecting your hair it'll just snap :/

29-08-10, 22:10

This is THE conditioner for curly hair. Before I went bald (not from the conditioner, lol! The conditioner is the only reason I was able to keep my hair as long as I did) I used it every time I washed my hair, and the results were absolutely lovely. :D It made the difference between hating my curly hair and embracing my soft, beautiful ringlets... *thinks about losing those 32 inches of beautiful curls and bursts into tears*

seriously, though, it's a really cheaply-priced salon-type organic conditioner, and out of literally hundreds of conditioners I've tried, it's the only one I've ever bought in bulk. It's usually cheaper online, but it's a popular brand in the U.S. and I can usually find it at my local Whole Foods or even occasionally the health foods section of my grocery store.

I would usually wash my hair first thing in the shower, then slather a decent amount on my hair up to about my neck, then keep it out of the water while I finished showering. if you leave it on while you're in the shower and rinse it out just before you get out, it works pretty well. :D

29-08-10, 22:14
Raw egg works wonders on your hair. Whisk it until it's mixed, then rub it into your hair. Leave for ten minutes and wash off. Leaves your hair soft.

But it's pretty gross. Your call lol.

29-08-10, 22:16
vo5 hot oil is also excellent for a once every-few-months kinda thing. :tmb:

29-08-10, 23:02
Oh no no, don't cut it off. You can still salvage it....only do trim the split-ends cuz they'll dry up the whole hair if you don't.

Now then, this is all natural and you'll feel great after using it.....;)

combine: half avocado
1 egg yellow
1 tbsp honey
1 or 2 tbsp olive oil

mash these up really well, then work this through your hair, specially the tips. If you have left overs, massage it on your hands and nails. Now leave this on for half an hour, then wash it off. If it's a serious condition (and it seems like it is) then get into the habit of nourishing the ends with olive oil after shampooing every time. I try to avoid conditioner, but you might be a candidate for it.

29-08-10, 23:15
Awesome! :D I'll definitely try some of these out :) I'm still open to suggestions though :tmb:

And I'm a guy btw, so it wouldn't be a HUGE loss if I cut my hair, I'd just prefer to have it longer :p

But thanks again for the help :hug:

29-08-10, 23:19
Tresemme you can try ;)

29-08-10, 23:23
Tresemme you can try ;)

That's the brand of shampoo and conditioner I've been using for years, doesnt seem to help much anymore *shrugs*

29-08-10, 23:27
Maybe wet your first, if you want use Radox. Then using Tresemme.

Edit: Try this http://www.ehow.com/how_5901799_heal-dry-hair.html

29-08-10, 23:29
tresemme never worked for me either :/ Its better than a lot of shampoos but still doesnt tame the frizz and dryness.

29-08-10, 23:30
Try taking Omega3 :) , it worked for me ;) .

29-08-10, 23:32
:vlol: Radox sounds like it'd be an industrial strength cleaner :p
But I googled it and we dont have it in North America. And I probably wont be able to order anything online :/

And btw, has anybody tried the raw egg thing? I'm thinking of trying it out... :pi:

29-08-10, 23:35
You could try pantene :)




29-08-10, 23:58
I used egg on my hair and it dried it out badly. If you want a natural conditioner avocado is a much better choice.

30-08-10, 00:08
Water usually solves dry hair pretty quickly. :)

30-08-10, 01:27
Maybe your hair has gotten used to the products you currently use? I have the opposite problem to you with slightly greasy hair, so I can't help you with products. Personally I like the Afro look on you, it suits you. don't hate me :o.

30-08-10, 02:53
Here are some easy things that you can do at home, that are cheap:

1. put warmed up olive oil in you hair (not hot, else it'll burn your scalp) .. if its not warmed up, it wont penetrate as deeply into the strands of your hair. wrap your hair in a warm towel and then sleep on it, wash it out of your hair in the morning, and don't use conditioner after this

2. buy either dove moisture therapy shampoo and conditioner, or herbal essence hydralicious. I would suggestherbal essence because both of their moisturizing lines contain coconut oil or avacato. Every time you condition your hair, leave it in for 2 minutes! if you put it in, and rinse it off, it will never get a chance to seep into your hair!


- cut back on blow drying, or using a flat iron, or any other hot tools on your hair! it really breaks your hair and drys it out!

- buy cod oil suppliments, they make your hair soft and shiny and rich! also take multi vitamins that contain folic acid, it makes your hair grow a bit faster!

- don't BRUSH your hair when its wet, COMB IT. even if you have rediculasly unmanageable hair, you've got to be able to comb it through.

- get a hair cut, even if its just a trim, you've gotta get your dead ends off, because the longer they stay, the bigger they'll get, your hair will keep breaking all the way up to your roots if you don't get your hair cut often.

-. NEVER bleach your hair when it's in this condition. Darkening your hair can sometimes help your condition

- if you MUST use hot tools on your hair, use a heat protecting spray or syrum. don't buy a cheap one, becuase it could damage your hair even more!

- don't bake your hair in the sunlight! it's very drying

- NEVER PUT LEMON JUICE IN YOUR HAIR! It drys your hair so bad, that even a person with healthy hair gets split ends from it.

- buy a DEEP conditioner, and leave it in for 5 minutes. OR buy a LEAVE IN conditioner, this REALLY helps your hair.

By the waayy, if you DON'T use conditioner, you need to start, ASAP!

( I'm a pro ) ;)

30-08-10, 04:44
If your hair is dry, you probably want to avoid products with protein in them (such as eggs) because too much protein can dry hair out. Protein is more for damaged hair, rather than dry hair.

My hair used to get really dry and frizzy too, until I discovered Aussie Three Minute Miracle Moist Deeeeeep Conditioner (http://www.aussie.com/en_US/moist-3-minute-miracle-deeeeep-conditioner). I didn't expect it to work as well as it does, since it costs under 5 dollars, but it really surprised me.

Also, virgin coconut oil is the only oil that can actually be absorbed by hair. You can buy it at organic food stores, and it can be used as a hair mask. Just smooth some through your hair, then rinse it out after a few minutes.

30-08-10, 11:11
Water usually solves dry hair pretty quickly. :)

Temporarily. And it actually makes it more vulnerable to snapping. I only use water if my hair is really frizzy.

30-08-10, 12:05
this is what i use to shampoo my hair (i shampoo my hair every other shower i take, otherwise my hair will dry out if i shampoo everytime i do shower).


this is what i'm using as a conditioner for right now

i condition my hair everytime i take a shower, and you should, too.


also, i switch products because if my hair gets too use to just one product, then it won't work as well... so i switch shampoos and conditioners every month. you should do this aswell. ;)

you should always comb your hair after you shower; never brush it. start from the ends of your hair then work your way up to the roots. and use a detangling comb like this:


after i comb my hair, i apply this and then run it through my hair from ends then whatever is left i use on my roots (make sure to do this when your hair is wet, it keeps it from frizzing). but, this is totally optional, of course. i use this and it works wonders on my hair. it's great as a de-frizzer, heat protecter and it makes your hair shine and it also smells really good. ^_^


i use this once a month and it's really amazing. it makes my hair all soft, smooth and shiney, plus it smells good.


this is what i use if i'm straightening my hair and it works really well. if you're going to use heat on your hair then you definitely need to use a heat protection spray/serum.


Dennis's Mom
30-08-10, 12:29
Is your hair naturally very curly?

30-08-10, 15:39
Use olive oil, but only warmed up. I also use Wash and Go anti-rupture balsam and hair mask with coconut and rice milk :D

30-08-10, 17:33
my hair is always super soft when i get it dyed n cut at the hairdressers
but after a month or so it gets dry.
when i wash it and use shampoo its really dry so i have to use alot of conditioner.

i find though that the water over here makes my hair dry.
whereas in gran canaria the water made my hair amazing! it was in the best condition ever and that was with all the sun and straightening and curling i had to do every night lol
its crazy.

30-08-10, 17:36
Great tips everyone! :tmb:

30-08-10, 19:00
Is your hair naturally very curly?


And as for the Olive Oil thing, does it matter if it's Extra Virgin or not?

larson n natla
30-08-10, 19:46
I recommend the head and shoulders range, I don't have dandruff myself, never have. But the product makes sure to protect the hair from dandruff thoroughly cleans the hair and what is really fantastic is the conditioner. I use the classic clean but they have a different product specifically designed towards dry hair.

It leaves mine feeling fluffy soft and healthy with no dryness and no greasy residue left over after washing.

Avalon SARL
30-08-10, 20:06
My hair used to be terrible, until last year i visited anew barber that belonged to a woman and she started taking care of my hair

It is not silk of course , but within a few months my hair stopped being fuzzy and dry and was kinda soft and a bit shiny and it managed to show its real old color which is more blond than dark brown :D

What she did was cut it softly and never trim it...
just let the hair lead its own path :p


And how did i forgetttttttttttt :D

Try this,but be cautious and ask a prof. doctor about it, or you can just eat some of it :p





Iknow i just GOOGLED, but throughout my education year in agriculture, professors advised much of the benefits of NORI SEAWEED

31-08-10, 04:56
Meh, I thought you were a chick asking.

You're a guy, just cut it short and get it out of the way. I used to have long hair and once I cut it short I felt liberated from having to spend so much time on it every morning (plus the fact that I never got it to be the way I wanted it to look). Short hair is wonderful.

Plus I think your hair is naturally like that so ya...there's no fighting genes. :)