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31-08-10, 10:22
I think Max Payne 3 is turning into its very own Angel Of Darkness. The game has been delayed a few times from 2009 into 2010. (calendar year, not financial year, which is something different)

If the latest (estimated) date from Amazon is anything to go by, MP3 release is now pushed back into at least March 2011!!! Who knows whats next - 2012??? Completely cancelled? Maybe no longer on PS3 but another Xbox exclusive like the last Splinter Cell???

I hope this isn't going to go the same way as Lucasarts' / Indiana Jones on PS3. I was all hopeful to see Indie on PS3, and then gave up hope when we got to 2008, and all that was viewable were still the same few screenshots from 2005...

Very disappointed today...:mad:

Alex Fly
31-08-10, 10:25
Hopefully the game won't be delayed any more. I know how you feel, I'm waiting for it for so long too now...

31-08-10, 10:32
I'm not getting this because they changed Max waay too much. I'm not playing a bald obese drunkard with guns, that's hideous.

And I ain't racist. Imagine Lara turned into something like that, or like that woman who chuck kitties in garbage bin. Urgh.

14-03-11, 08:00
Quelle Surprise! I just checked amazon, and it looks like Max Payne 3 is delayed again - until August 2011.

I've given up. This game isn't gonna happen. GRRRR.

14-03-11, 11:09
the game was fail the minute it premiered. I'm not worried.
I expected a picture or two by now... we didn't even get news about the game, out side of push backs. no interviews. nothing.

Alex Fly
14-03-11, 11:12
Well the game wasn't even on the official plannings of the future releases of the company (unveiled several weeks ago), honestly if they'd decide to cancel it I wouldn't be surprised.

14-03-11, 13:02
Cancel this so called Max Payne game and make a Max Payne game that goes back to Max Payne's roots, Max Payne without hair is like Wolverine without claws some things just aren't meant to happen.

14-03-11, 18:23
People forget that when a property is traded, it often doesn't resemble what it used to be. Devs get too creative, and then get upset when fans dislike rarely. rarely does that process of reinvention work.

larson n natla
14-03-11, 19:04
The fact that its set anywhere other than 'Noir York' (:p) disappoints me.

I have Max Payne 2 on my xbox hard-drive but Max Payne was my favourite.

Its so sad because this really is one of the most artistic and in my opinion underrated game series. Max is a truly brilliant character and the way in which Max Payne 1/2 where presented where fantastic. Even the dark humor works its creepy but enjoyable.

*Ponders restarting Max Payne 2 or buying microsoft points for 1*

14-03-11, 19:13
I know Max Payne's had it tough but one thing I did not want him to turn into is some bald drunk guy with a beard...

Let Max Payne 3 get cancelled, like many "reboots" and series revivals the main character is some how ruined or looks completely hideous...In this case, the latter.

If I wanted a bald guy with beer, sweat and blood stains on his vest, I'd watch Die Hard...

14-03-11, 19:19
I agree. I'd be happy if this game was canned. If they're going to continue the series, they need to do it right! Not the **** we've seen so far...

Alex Fly
14-03-11, 19:20
Between this game and a reedition of the 2 first (like it's the case actually for several old games that are remastered), I'd definitely go for the reedition. This game never look like a Max Payne game to me.

Alex Fly
30-03-11, 14:37
Double post, but major update !

Rockstar has just released a pair of new screenshots for Max Payne 3 via its Twitter feed (http://twitter.com/RockstarGames/status/53094164606365696), with a little message teasing: "he's coming". Does that mean we're to expect more Max Payne 3 details or - whisper it - a release date soon?

For now, we don't know for sure what Rockstar has planned for Max Payne 3 at present, other than knowing that the game will definitely see release at some point. With this new sign of life though, could Payne be on track for launch this year? Maybe. Maybe not.

Have a gander at the two new images below. One of Payne with his classic hair, one with his "I'm a hardcase badass" skinhead. Still, it's good to see he's still rocking the Hawaiian shirts. Stay tuned for hopefully more Max Payne 3 news soon. Fingers crossed...


(source (http://www.ps3trophies.org/news/news-3194--He-s-Coming---Two-New-Max-Payne-3-Screens-Arrive.html))

OMG ! :eek:

01-04-11, 03:59
The screens don't show much. :(

01-04-11, 04:01
Longer hair! Yayayayayay! I'm 20x more excited just because of that. It better have some kick ass city levels in it, though. :ohn:

Alex Fly
01-04-11, 08:31
The screens don't show much. :(
He has hair and classical hawaiian shirt, plus it's said he's coming soon. For me it's a major update, we haven't seen anything for so long ! :)

01-04-11, 08:51
Longer hair! Yayayayayay! I'm 20x more excited just because of that. It better have some kick ass city levels in it, though. :ohn:

Have you ever seen São Paulo? It's basically New York with south american spice and a higher crime rate.
It's a perfect place for a Max Payne game. He has the perfect reason to run to Brazil after MP2. And his physical condition makes complete sense given how utterly horrible his life is. I really don't get why anyone would complain about this, other then not really thinking about it and just saying "it's kinda different, therefore it sucks".

Also, the shot where he has hair appears to be a flashback, because he still has a clean shaven head here.

Alex Fly
03-04-11, 18:14
Scans taken from a magazine with a lot of information and images. They can be seen here => http://www.ps3gen.fr/max-payne-3-03-04-2011-scan-1-zoom-63993,15799,1.html?page=1 (click on the miniatures to see the whole preview, there are 8 pages in total ! :eek:)

I feel a lot reassured now, and the game sounds good ! :)

03-04-11, 18:24
Huh, looks like they went from bald Max to gelled up Max. Is that supposed to be a flashback of his or are they just caving because of the fan reaction?

Alex Fly
03-04-11, 18:30
Lol read the preview !

The story will continue directly after Max Payne 2 to 8 years later and their will be some flashbacks. On some pictures you can see the evolution, from the look of Max Payne 2 (and where you can see that the new model is definitely physically not very different to the one in Max Payne 2), then with a beard later, then without hair.

Very interesting article. The new bullet mode sounds excellent, also the original voice actor is confirmed (and many more interesting stuff).

03-04-11, 18:38
Oh, my bad! I saw some text in French and assume the preview was like that too.

It's great news that McCaffrey is returning as his voice, I never expected it to happen after I heard some rumors ages ago. Gotta say, just the fact that his voice is back has made me reconsider my thoughts on this game.

03-04-11, 18:40
I hope this isn't going to go the same way as Lucasarts' / Indiana Jones on PS3. I was all hopeful to see Indie on PS3, and then gave up hope when we got to 2008, and all that was viewable were still the same few screenshots from 2005...

Very disappointed today...:mad:

That really sucks! I hate it when games get pushed back so far :(

Blah, then Lucasarts dropped it entirely to work on The Crap Unleashed... Indy would have sold far better :ohn:

*edit* and yup, I jumped it without reading the rest of the thread :vlol::o

Alex Fly
03-04-11, 18:43
^^ Oh no it's an english preview as you see, but yep those scans have been posted on a french website. I visit it regularly so I couldn't miss this and I thought I could share. :)

Hope they'll announce a release date soon, and they seem to have progressed a lot in the development of the game. Can't wait !

And do you know what would make me happy too ? A HD remake of the 2 firsts. They could consider it if this one is the continuation of the 2 previous... Hmmm I'd never say no !

@ Alpharaider47 : lol :p

03-04-11, 19:44
Omg! So he is in São Paulo!!! :D I've been there quite a few times. Perfect place for the badass Max Payne slow bullet times.

Alex Fly
04-04-11, 12:47




04-04-11, 13:21
I'd look for this answer myself, but you know, lazy and all. :p

Is there any word on Mona being in this game? D:

04-04-11, 13:27
I have a feeling Mona won't be in the game this time round, you know, what with her dying at the end of MP2. I know it's possible to save her if you play on the harder difficulty, but I doubt that that ending is "cannon". I do miss her, but can you imagine how she'd look after so many years? Max can look decent with a few pounds on, but Mona? :D

15-04-11, 18:14
So, all hope is not lost, it turns out.

It looks like there will be a couple of flashback sequences, so hopefully the aged balding Max Payne segment of the game is fairly short, and we get to see/play more of the recognizable Max Payne for the majority of the game.

21-06-11, 10:41
I can't access the link from this computer, but I read that Computer & Video Games mentioned Max Payne 3 was at the E3 convention. Or at least people can vote for Max Payne 3 as part of their best game of E3 2011 vote. Erm, what???

21-06-11, 16:14
wouldn't we have heard something though. :confused:
That must be some serious Embargo.

Sir Croft
21-06-11, 16:29
That awkward moment when the thread title makes no sense anymore and the whole situation got worse and the game is being released long after March 2011.

Alex Fly
21-06-11, 16:33
It's funny this thread has been upped because today on another website someone noticed that the game was now listed on Amazon and GameStop for a december release (1st december on both sites).
I know it means nothing as long as the team don't make an official announcement but it's a weird coincidence and it's a little bit worrying too...

23-06-11, 01:28
Lol read the preview !

The story will continue directly after Max Payne 2 to 8 years later and their will be some flashbacks. On some pictures you can see the evolution, from the look of Max Payne 2 (and where you can see that the new model is definitely physically not very different to the one in Max Payne 2), then with a beard later, then without hair.

Very interesting article. The new bullet mode sounds excellent, also the original voice actor is confirmed (and many more interesting stuff).I'm still a bit pissed that they made him bald (in 8 years?). Try making Lara Croft bald and see the fan's reaction.
I'm not saying I'll react the same if it's a real people, but come on this is a fictional character, it's supposed to be recognizable and often time timeless. The developer can control that. :rolleyes:

I'll see if there's a demo and review, hopefully the game is still good.

11-09-11, 10:04
That awkward moment when the thread title makes no sense anymore and the whole situation got worse and the game is being released long after March 2011.

One year after.

11-09-11, 10:25
Those pics are very GTA-ish. Does not seem like the mood or style of MP that were used to; it's almost like it's Vice City.

11-09-11, 10:48
I really like the style of the recent stuff. Still noir, but not the stereotypical black and white. Reminds me of Chinatown.
Also like the font. It's standard Max Payne with a little spice thrown in with the lines and the 3.
Max is missing a chunk of his ear in the bald one btw.

larson n natla
11-09-11, 12:56
I'm glad to see Rockstar finally put some media out on this game.

It's been a long time coming, I just hope it's worth it, I'm going to have to purchase the original from Xbox Originals soon, and replay Max Payne 2. :jmp:

11-09-11, 13:20
One year after.

WHEN exactly did MP turn into GTA?

11-09-11, 13:34
Judging by those images it does look like a GTA game but i like rockstar games :) i just hope they havent changed too much i still want to feel like i am playing a Max Payne game not GTA :p

I like Max Payne i remember when the game first came out the graphics seemed so realistic at the time loool looking back now though well :D

11-09-11, 13:52
Will be an alright game.
Will be a TERRIBLE Max Payne game.

11-09-11, 14:02
I liked max payne for its dark atmosphere and all!

but this one looks so boring,and it shows the worst part EVER of Brazil!

11-09-11, 14:05
The Adventures of Charlie Sheen! :jmp:

14-09-11, 16:16
Max Payne 3 trailer released-


larson n natla
14-09-11, 16:21
The game looks great. Just not like Max Payne. :o

14-09-11, 17:51
Max Payne = Noir. Whatever this is trying to be = ...pretty much the opposite of the dark, depressing atmosphere the first two games (especially the very first one) had. It could be a decent shooter, but other than the music in the trailer, it has absolutely nothing in common with Max Payne.

14-09-11, 18:12
Terrible for a Max Payne game. From Dialogue to Sunlight. If Sam Lake isn't writing it, it wont be the same.

I'll wait for people to come in and try to give them the benefit of the doubt for trying, but this is a case of "if you can't do it properly, don't do it at all". Some things just should not be done. There was mark, and they missed it. Shame.

Sir Croft
14-09-11, 22:39
That's anything, but Max Payne.

15-09-11, 02:30
Ew. Just no.

15-09-11, 03:43
It looks like a typical Rockstar game.

15-09-11, 06:24
I fail to see the problem.

Sir Croft
15-09-11, 12:49
It has turned into GTA.

Mr GaGa
15-09-11, 16:03
Looks like Sam Fisher meets Bruce Willis :p

15-09-11, 16:58
Max Payne 3 trailer released-


This makes me sad, the music = PERFECT, the voice = PERFECT. Gameplay looks nothing like Max Payne, and the writing sounds terrible. Remedy's writing will be missed. I am on the fence with this.

15-09-11, 20:36
*cough* GTA *cough*

23-09-11, 21:09
Well, well, well. So they finally went ahead with it after all the delays and speculation.

Just saw the trailer, and I had the same thoughts as you guys about the Charlie Sheen / Bruce Willis / Sam Fisher quality to it all.

Somehow after LA Noire doing quite well, I thought they'd have a rethink and put max in more of a Noire setting and tone down the Sao Paulo to be a mere portion of the overall game, but it doesn't look that way.

Oh well, its a game at least. I'm not really that into GTA, but I guess this is a milder form of it. Not counting Drake, this year has been abysmal for PS3 releases I'm interested in, and at least I'll have something to buy next year.

10-01-12, 15:40
Rockstar Research: The Weapon-Wielding Gangsters and Special Police Commandos of Max Payne 3

Escaping the traumatic events of Max Payne 2 and all of the corruption, betrayal, peril and pain of his existence as an NYPD detective, Max Payne breaks south – way south, to São Paulo, Brazil where he takes up a new gig working private security for a wealthy local family in Max Payne 3. As one might imagine, amidst the volatile disparity of towering wealth and profound, desperate poverty in São Paulo, this new job turns out to be not quite as cushy as hoped…

In addition to all of the intense technical development and meticulous game design being poured into Max Payne 3 to create an advanced and cutting-edge action-shooter gameplay experience - as always, painstaking effort has also been made by our development teams and internal Rockstar Research department to ensure that the vibe and presentation of São Paulo - touchstones like Paulistano culture, police, weaponry and other elements that will not only contribute to the game’s single-player narrative, but also the single and multiplayer environments and characters - are as authentic as possible.

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be offering a glimpse into just some of the behind-the-scenes research and production design done over the course of Max Payne 3's development, from information and asset-gathering trips down to São Paulo, to local casting for pedestrian types in all the game's levels, to extensive study of municipal law-enforcement wings, weaponry and much more.

(Left: São Paulo's own 'elite squad' of special forces, the GATE [Grupo de Acões Táticas Especiais] in action. [Photo via Wikimedia Commons]; Right: One of Max Payne 3's fictionalized special force commandos from the UFE [Unidade de Forças Especiais].)

Fighting against the criminals, thugs and kidnappers in Max Payne 3’s São Paulo are the Unidade de Forças Especiais (UFE), a fictional special forces police unit much like similar counterparts featured in the documentaries Favela Rising and Bus 174, and feature films like Carandiru, Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) and its wildly successful sequel Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (Tropa de Elite 2). Real-life Brazilian teams include the GATE (Grupo de Ações Táticas Especiais, or Special Actions and Tactics), GARRA (Grupo Armado de Repressão a Roubos e Assaltos, or Robbery and Assault Repression) and GOE (Grupamento de Operações Especiais, or Special Operations Group) teams in São Paulo, and the feared BOPE (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais) squad of Rio de Janeiro. Great care was taken to obtain research on the uniforms, equipment and weaponry favored by these Brazilian police—including domestically-manufactured assault rifles and a wide array of exotic firepower imported from the US, Germany, Italy and other gun-manufacturing countries.

Facing off against the city's elite police squads are well-armed and highly organized gangs who rule São Paulo's favelas. Even though Brazil has very strict laws on civilian gun ownership, the gangs benefit from a stream of illegal weapons traffic flowing across the country's massive, almost unpoliceable shared borders with ten other South American countries. With access facilitated to some of the most powerful assault rifles dirty money can buy, the favela gangs boast intimidating firepower to wage war against rival drug gangs, special police forces, or anyone else brave or foolhardy enough to provoke them.

Gathering assets to help accurately inform and create faithful game level environments set in São Paulo, Rockstar game developers and designers took several trips to the area to extensively document everything from the glamour and exclusivity of posh spots like Avenida Morumbi, Avenida Paulista and the Jardins district, to harsh high-crime locales like Favela Japiaçu (Favela do Nove) and the infamous Edificio São Vito (aka Treme Treme or the Vertical Favela). Thousands of pictures were taken for mood and texture, local fashions and outfits were scanned for reference, and a diverse array of Paulistanos from all walks of life — from bossa nova singers to jujitsu champions to favela gang members — were consulted and interviewed to provide thorough background on the dazzling and dangerous world in which the game is set.

Look for this continuing series on the research behind Max Payne 3 in the weeks and months leading up to the game’s release including a look at the casting of São Paulo's residents, what inspired some of the unique levels you'll find yourself shooting your way out of and much more...

Source (http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/20011/rockstar-research-the-weaponwielding-gangsters-and-special-polic.html)

10-01-12, 17:23
Could have posted it here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=186834). ;____;

10-01-12, 18:24
Could have posted it here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=186834). ;____;

Or here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=148990&highlight=payne) or here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=136226&highlight=payne) or maybe here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=109339&highlight=payne) or why not here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=142900&highlight=payne). :D :p

12-01-12, 19:28
New Max Payne screens stick to cover, shadows
Rockstar releases four new shots

Here's the latest batch of Max Payne 3 screens, which have just been sent over by Rockstar.

They show Max with hair and without, and he's generally tucked up behind cover or stalking prey from the shadows. Just to even things out, he's taking aim with a gun and surrounded by fire in the fourth one. Earlier this week, Rockstar gave us an insight (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/331622/rockstar-details-research-behind-max-payne-3s-seedy-brazilian-world/) into the research conducted to ensure that the vibe, culture, police, weapons and every element of São Paulo, Brazil in the game is as authentic as possible.

The latest screens follow hot on the heels of these recently released multiplayer shots (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/331045/max-payne-3-multiplayer-screens-shoot-in/). The game is set to hit PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in March.





And an interview of MP3-

07-02-12, 23:47
They have delayed the game release from March until May. I think this is the smallest delay so far, so it sounds like they're getting there. I get the feeling they are extending more of the non-bald Max storyline so that there's less overall game time playing as bald Max.

May is very close to the Prometheus Film release, so its going to be a great pre-summer this year :-)

08-02-12, 03:51
May 29 for PC. So Max Payne 3 + E3 = One hell of a time. :D

08-02-12, 03:51
Seriously, I created the Max Payne (Series) (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=186834) for a reason. Why does this thread keep being bumped?