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31-08-10, 19:56
ok I know this is moaning, but ive had an unbearable day and no one to vent to, so i will sum it up:
How can you actually make estate agents do their job???? My move in date has been pushed forward again!!! its gone from, 27th, 28th 31st, 6th and now with legal threats to the 2nd :cln:

Now time to allow the nuclear meltdown in my head to take over my body! lol x :hea::hea::confused::mad::cln:

Chocola teapot
31-08-10, 20:06
Life CAN be stressful, But how about we make ourselves a nice Cuppa' Tea, Relax on the sofa and repost this in the 'your mood' thread.


31-08-10, 20:11
would if i knew where it was lol x

Chocola teapot
31-08-10, 20:23
Lmao :p

Lara Croft!
31-08-10, 21:24
When you're having a bad day, try doing something useful that will get you tired. Clean your room or the whole house. This way you will get an early night sleep and the day will pass. Next day won't feel that bad and you'll feel better waking up to a clean house. That's it! Two birds with one stone...

SpongeBob Lover
31-08-10, 23:54
Sorry to here that! Sounds like stressx10.

If im having a bad day im usually very moody to the people around me :p i become snappy. After i realize that it is no ones fault and there nothing that can help, i binge on fatty comfort foods that make me feel better and watch TV to distract my mind. Of course not the best method around.

01-09-10, 00:00
Tell me about it! Just the last few days, my housing situation has become insane. I've been living in my current house for a year now. I handed my bond and application to my housemate who went to drop them in to the real estate. Only he pocketed the bond and only handed in part of my application. His motivations for doing this are still a mystery, and I admit - my bad for trusting someone I'd just met. However I was told all was fine and I was approved to live there.

Fast forward to now and it turns out there's no bond on the house at all, so I have to repay my bond - $616. The property manager, though he had approved me face to face somehow (with an incomplete application? Dodgy *******), hadn't filed my information or put me into the system at all. So the new property manager (a lovely woman who understands the previous ****ups and is thankfully going out of her way to help me) tells me the other day I don't exist to them.

However we've (myself and my housemates, who've just moved in - imagine how they felt!) been told the new lease will be fine and the real estate is going to help me get my bond back from my thieving housemate.

It is the definition of a cluster****.

Ancientsecrets, I suggest you just keep on at the real estate and don't back down. Where are you from? Do you have an organisation that oversee's the rental market? If so, perhaps you could speak to them.

01-09-10, 00:31
When I get bad days a cuppa and a soap opera omnibus just doesn't do it for me. I like to go out running. I get this impression that not doing anything out-and-about-ish won't get the stress off me.