View Full Version : Help finding the name of a website

04-09-10, 19:12
So I remember this website I went on before. Basically you would type in the name of a book, movie, band, tv show etc., and it'd tell you other things you'd like based on that. I've done all the googling I could with no luck :/ So if someone could help me out it'd be greatly appreciated :) I think the word "red" is in the URL. So if someone knows it, I'd be forever in their debt :o

04-09-10, 19:19
Sounds like Gnod (http://www.gnod.net/). If not, highly recommended as a replacement. :p

04-09-10, 19:22
It's not it but I'll check it out :D :hug:

I still need to know the other one though :/