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04-09-10, 19:42
Hey I guessed to not post this on The LE forum so I'll post it here :)

Basically I need a Lara voiceover. Obviously a British, mature sounding woman. Here are the lines.
And an Anaya voiceover :)

"Welcome to my home. I have to leave for the Amazonian Jungle soon, as Anaya has left for it alone. I must depart as quickly as possible."
"Alright. I've made it to the valley Anaya told me she was going to. I'd better find her as soon as possible."
"Anaya! Run!"

"Lara! Help me!"

If anyone can help reply here or send me a PM ;)

04-09-10, 19:46
Jenni (Greenkey2) is very good at voicing Lara. :D Don't know if she's available though :(

04-09-10, 19:50
She's not I'm afraid :(
She was an exceptinal Lara voice I have to say :)

04-09-10, 20:13
How would you send or record your voice on the computer anyway? May i ask. And yeah.. she was pretty good :).

04-09-10, 20:14
She's not I'm afraid :(
She was an exceptinal Lara voice I have to say :):yik: :yik: :yik:

04-09-10, 20:17
You could either use Audacity or Sound Recorder. :) Then upload it to MediaFire or email it to someone :)

Okay. I suppose if no one replies I'll try the official voiceovers maybe... :confused:

04-09-10, 21:00
Give people a chance to see the thread :).

I'd be interested in having a go. Don't know if I'd be to Greenkey's standard though :o

04-09-10, 21:02
Maybe you ask some of the people in my fandub thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=172364) ;)

04-09-10, 21:25
iamlaracroft (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?p=4508168#post4508168)'s got a rather dreamy voice as well.

04-09-10, 21:26
I'd do it but I'm far too shy :vlol:

04-09-10, 23:38
Greenkey 2 did some work for me once, she was more than exceptional. However I dunno if she still uses the forum or not, havent seen her in a while

04-09-10, 23:56
I'd do it, I don't sound very Lara-ish though :/ I have a more northern accent :p

05-09-10, 00:42
iamlaracroft (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?p=4508168#post4508168)'s got a rather dreamy voice as well. Jesus, she reminds me of Laura Bailey so much it's scary! :eek:

05-09-10, 11:29
Honestly anyone who wants to do it I'll hear their voices :)

12-09-10, 17:41
Okay. :vlol: What about the people who were interested..? :o

12-09-10, 20:17
i would love to do Lara Croft voice; yes, i am a male, and my normal speaking voice is deeper than a woman's but i think i could pull off a husky voiced Lara :pi: lol

whoever did Lara in the Beyond the Scion LE game was quite a good, mature, and British Lara; i dont know who she is though, nor if she is on TRF :p

(i dont have a mic, though, so i wont be able to do it, even if its just for laughs)

12-09-10, 20:42
;4871485']:yik: :yik: :yik:

She's now working professionally with her voice over work :)