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Marcus T
11-11-03, 00:24
This is a Gameboy Advance exclusive title, and by the looks and sound of it... something you don't want to miss if you're a fan of the original movie trilogy. I came across this input from the lead artist of the game, at gamespot:

"Let me tell you a little about the game itself. First off it's a 3D action game using our new 3D engine that we have developed here at Pocket Studios. The game contains about 14 levels ranging from the Death Star to the Forest Moon of Endor. Lot's of movie elements have been included. The levels are very detailed, using high colour texture maps. This will be a very big treat for the fans of the movies, and anyone who loves a good shoot-em up.

We hope you like it, we love Star Wars and are very proud to bring something different to the GBA using the Star Wars universe."

Check out these images:
http://pocketmedia.ign.com/pocket/image/flightofthefalcon_082803_003.jpg http://pocketmedia.ign.com/pocket/image/flightofthefalcon_082803_004.jpg
http://pocketmedia.ign.com/pocket/image/flightofthefalcon_082803_005.jpg http://pocketmedia.ign.com/pocket/image/flightofthefalcon_082803_006.jpg
http://pocketmedia.ign.com/pocket/image/flightofthefalcon_082803_008.jpg http://pocketmedia.ign.com/pocket/image/flightofthefalcon_082803_010.jpg
http://pocketmedia.ign.com/pocket/image/flightofthefalcon_082803_014.jpg http://pocketmedia.ign.com/pocket/image/flightofthefalcon_082803_012.jpg

11-11-03, 00:30
They look very tasty indeed, thanks M.T.

Marcus T
11-11-03, 00:42
I quite agree ;)

11-11-03, 00:56
BTW have you heard the working title of Episode 3...
"The Revenge Of The Sith (And Boy, Are They Peeved)".

Ok I made part of that up, but Lucas spends all his money on top flight production, then opts for a cop-out title every time!!

We'll have to start a new thread: suggestions for episode 3 (since we all pretty much know what's going to happen!!)

Marcus T
11-11-03, 02:13
Haha, well "Attack of the Clones" did give a 60's horror movie kinda vibe ;)

Marcus T
11-11-03, 22:24
Actually, I kinda like your title RobBo.. "The Revenge Of The Sith (And Boy, Are They Peeved)" :D

Marcus T
01-12-03, 21:49
As of today, I'm an owner of this game. It looks quite impressive and it gives the kind of arcade feel you find in "Rebel Assault". I will get back on this with more comments when I've had a chance to play it more. (I'm currently focusing my Gameboy time on TR: The Prophecy).

Marcus T
01-02-04, 23:34
I’ve finally finished ”Flight of the Falcon”. An entertaining game, perhaps more so for those who enjoy the classic Star Wars trilogy. Here is my review:

The game is parted in three ”episodes”, Episode IV, V, and VI, and each of those episodes contains a number of levels which you have to complete. You mainly fly the Millenium Falcon, but you also get to drive Luke’s landspeeder through the streets of Mos Eisley, the X-Wing in the attack on the first Death Star, and the Speederbike through the forest of Endor. You meet opponnents such as Tie Fighters, Tie Interceptors, Tie Bombers, Stormtroopers and Imperial Walkers, and Star Destroyers. Every once in a while you also come across Imperial Shuttles, which carries items such as shields, torpedoes, or occasionally an extra life. Star Destroyers are obviously too big to destroy, but you can knock out their defenses. When approaching a Star Destroyer, green squares will mark places for you to aim at. Torpedoes are good when attached by several targets, as one torpedo will take out everything near it when it explodes. Or you can knock out one target which normally takes several hits (such as the Imperial Shuttle). A bar at the bottom of the screen usually tells you how far you are from completing your task, or if it’s on time, how much time you have left to finish. You are given a password after each completed episode. When you’ve finished all episodes you are given access to a bonus level.

Overall, this game is quite entertaining, though it has its ups and downs. One of the biggest issues I have with the game is the fact that you only get a password after each completed episode, instead of after each completed level. Episode IV has 6 levels in total, Episode V has 3, and Episode VI has 4. Some of the levels can be tricky, and can take several tries to succeed. You have 3 lives, and 3 ”continues”. If you loose all lives, you will have to start over from level 1 of that specific episode. The last levels, such as the flight through the trench of the first Death Star, and the flight into the second Death Star (towards the reactor core), demands reflexes, as you have to avoid flying into obstacles that gets in your way. The other thing is that you can get hit from behind, by unseen Tie Fighters which is trying to fly past you, or that you fly into a Star Destroyer believing you’ve passed it. These things makes it quite annoying. Some of the levels are similar, such as the Landspeeder level of Mos Eisley, where you have to avoid flying into buildings, and the Speederbike level, where you have to avoid hitting trees. The game did have some sides which made it a lot of fun. There is a certain feeling, flying over the surface of the Death Star, shooting your way through, then down into the trench, speeding towards the exhaust port. When you’re approaching it, you can hear Han Solo’s voice ”you’re all clear kid!”... ”Great shot kid, that's one in a million!” I couldn’t help but smile, it gave that classic Star Wars feel. The bonus level (when all levels are completed), is an ”R-Type”-style side scroller. Highly entertaining, and gives that characteristic arcade feel which makes you want to play it again, to reach a higher score. It’s an okay shooter, though it has its flaws. If you’re a fan of the classic Star Wars trilogy, then this game is for you. If you’re just a casual fan of Star Wars, then there are better shoot’em ups than this one.

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