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John Falstaff
11-11-03, 01:55
Is anyone out there man?


I mean I had this really cool pig story - but it was horrible, so I won't tell it. I mean dude it was heavy!

:( :mad:

But, like man, as the the Sex Pistols said 'Never trust a hippie'. Wow! :confused:

11-11-03, 02:01
Have you been at "The Weed" again, John?


11-11-03, 02:02
Oh please Sir John http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif on with the pig story.

John Falstaff
11-11-03, 02:11
Hey dudes, no weed - I've been watching old episodes of the 'Young Ones' man, whoa dudes.

No pig story horrible.

But as Bill Hicks said 'Drunken driving, accidents man! But whose ever had an accident on dope! I mean you can't go more than 4 m.p.h.. Let's go and get some pizza dudes! Yeah, wow we've hit something! OOh! Let's open the garage door guys!'

;) :D

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11-11-03, 02:16
It must be the Gin then.


11-11-03, 03:51
John, have you missed another appointment??

11-11-03, 04:22
I think he escaped from his room again. ;)

11-11-03, 06:21
So John, your favorite from the Young Ones must be Neil? I like him the best.

Back in the day, MTV used to play the Young Ones at midnight on Sundays. I'd have to sneak into the living room and keep the tv volume on low so I wouldn't wake up my parents. Great show. To bad they only did so few episodes. :(

John Falstaff
11-11-03, 19:20
No medication and escaped! Be careful, whoever he is might be really dangerous!


The Young Ones, when I was at college - some years before the programme - I shared a flat with three others. Each of us was directly analogous to one of the main characters in the programme. And no, I wasn't Neil!

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11-11-03, 19:25

11-11-03, 19:52
Heh, you were Vivian, right?


John Falstaff
11-11-03, 19:56
Hi RobBo,


I don't like gin, it's too 'ginny' (eh?). http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yuck.gif

No not Vivian, I was 'Rik', the people's poet!

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