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tlr online
11-11-03, 21:14
Greetings folks. Have a look HERE (http://plus.tombraiderchronicles.com) and give me your opinion on this new service from Tomb Raider Chronicles. Do you think it's fair we offer a subscription based service to levy the cost of bandwidth consumed by delivering over 20Gb of data each day! Your thoughts, as always, are very much appreciated.

11-11-03, 21:40
How much would the subscription cost (per month/year), if you dont mind me asking?

I dont think its a bad idea if it helps control the bandwidth issue.

What materials will be free once his takes effect?

Lady Ann
11-11-03, 21:46
Have some questions. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Is all media going to be available for download via high speed connection or just certain media?

Is there media only available to subscribers and not the general public?

tlr online
11-11-03, 21:57
Al media as it is will continue to be available to the public. HQ movies (i.e. 640/480 resolution) and everything that's currently available from TRC will also be available on Plus, the only difference (apart from the superior quality) will be no queues and ultra fast download speeds.

We was thinking around 20 bucks per annum.

tlr online
11-11-03, 22:00
...and yes, Plus members will be awarded Easter eggs in the form of exclusive media.

11-11-03, 22:05
Will the high speed delivery be of any use to those of us stuck with dail up?

11-11-03, 22:07
Market forces, tlr. I am not sufficiently well informed to make a decision based on the sample of information provided. Neither have I subscribed to any 'on-line' services such as what, I think, you're proposing. So it is an unknown quantity. I have seen other sites face huge problems over the issue of subscriptions so you'd have to be very clear about what you are offering in return.

I guess, for me, 'I don't know' is the clearest answer. But, I do acknowledge that a lot of personal resources (and I don't just mean financial) goes into running a good, quality site.

tlr online
11-11-03, 22:13
Annacia. No, but that falls outside our responsibility. The bandwidth and speed would be there, if a gamer is unable to tap into that, then all they would benefit from would be no queues.

All we are offering is high speed delivery (at fast as you can download it) with no queues. Legally we are not allowed to charge for Tomb Raider media, which we're not. All we are doing is subsidising the cost of the bandwidth gamers consume when they download media from our servers.

Another angle would be this. Who would you propose pays the 1,000 UK pounds needed each month! to keep Tomb Raider Chronicles online delivering content at its current rate? Should it continue to come from my pocket? I'm not referring to the forum. The forum is funded from the discrete banner ads at the bottom of each page. I'm talking about the movies, soundtracks, wallpapers...etc available for download on the main magazine web site.

Our traffic is growing daily. At some point, gamers must meet us half way, because we simply cannot continue to meet the bandwidth costs incurred from downloading media without some kind of subsidy.

11-11-03, 22:21
tlr, I was just asking. I personaly don't think $20.00 a year is a bad touch as I'm sure there are ppl who use those services quite heavily.

tlr online
11-11-03, 22:24
Annacia. You make a valid point. I didn't mean to sound short.

From my point of view, it's incredibly frustrating that "bandwidth" and "bandwidth consumption" is such an alien concept to many internet users. It would appear for the majority of cases, ignorance really is bliss.

Lady Ann
11-11-03, 22:32
Yes I agree, ignorance is bliss. :D

I realized how much effort/time/money a website takes only after I attempted to put one up on the web. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

tlr online
11-11-03, 22:40
Just a reminder, this has nothing to do with the forum. The forum is mainly text-based and consumes very little bandwidth. In fact, the busier the forum, the better for us as an operation because more revenue is generated from advertising. (impression inventory)

This is about www.tombraiderchronicles.com (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com) - we simply must find a way to stop the loses, and the last thing we're going to do is start asking for "support our site" payments! (no offense to those that already do)

So.. ideas please.

Lady Ann
11-11-03, 22:46
Do you want to offer the custom levels again?

The only thing I can think of is separating the site - finding a cheaper host for the movies only. Is it cheaper to keep everything together using one host, or cheaper to separate?

tlr online
11-11-03, 22:54
Cheaper maybe. But the point is to generate revenue. Cutting costs isn't a long term solution because we're still running at a loss. Lemme give you an idea of the figures. At the moment, we're delivering about 600Gb per month. At a crude estimate, I'd say 50% of the time all queues are full (during peak times) - so we need to find a solution that offers us 1-2 terabytes of transfer per month adjusting for growth. That simply isn't feesible without having a system in place that generates revenue.

Plus will generate revenue. In my opinion, it's a way of asking gamers to meet us halfway, and in return we're giving something back. Better quality media (far more superior than is currently available for free download) without the hassle of "FTP Error: 250 active connections. No available queues."

Swings and roundabouts?

Lady Ann
11-11-03, 23:03
Would you say out of those 20,000 hits that most of those people download movies?

tlr online
11-11-03, 23:16
No. By the way, "hits" are determined by the amount of components loaded on any one web page (some people get a bit confused by this ;) ) - i.e. Our index page has 71 images, so including the index.html page itself, one unique visitor can generate 72 hits just by loading our main magazine page.

I'm referring to 20,000 visitors. Somewhere in the region of a million hits per day.

Lady Ann
12-11-03, 00:13
But on second thought, who wants to download movies anyway? I say just stick with pictures and get rid of everything else. hehe

12-11-03, 00:27
I personally think it's fair. You're giving people a choice as to whether they get instant service or are prepared to queue. Unlike some other sites that offer no choice. Like game demos, for example, to people only if they pay. It's good to get a choice.

12-11-03, 00:29
hi tlr im playing with dial up and not down loading movies exc. i like the forum and all that but a buy in would do me no good is that what u r saying. kenny

tlr online
12-11-03, 00:33
Hi Kenny. The forum will always be free and a great place to meet and greet people. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

12-11-03, 01:21
You asked for our thoughts on this issue tlr, and thoughts are, happily free.

Payment is usually the custom whenever a provision of goods or service takes place! The quality of TRC.com and TRF.com leave me in no doubt that your proposition, is both valid and commendable.

12-11-03, 01:26
Sounds like a reasonable idea tlr. Do you know that there is a significant number of particular users who regularly use lots of bandwidth? Then it might work very well, and for them, it would be a logical solution. For those of us who download much less, it may not be as compelling a proposition.

12-11-03, 03:32
thanks tlr for the answer . if enough by ins happen would fly drive be back. that was great.

12-11-03, 08:06
I also think it's a great idea!!! I don't think $20.00 yearly is a bad price to pay at all. Look at what we spend on one TR game!!! If it means a better service, and that's what we'd be paying for, then I'm all for it. I personally don't download anything from the TRC page, but if the levels were brought back, I'm in!!!!

12-11-03, 10:04
I am not using the forum as much now, but would quite happily pay the $20.00 a month if it keeps the website alive.

the croft woman!
12-11-03, 10:14
I think it's a great idea tlr! People pay more than that monthly to get stuff out of websites, and your only asking for it yearly, i say if it's going to help, then go for it!

12-11-03, 17:17
I'd pay. It is a TINY amount of money for one year! And I mean...I am one of the saddos who pay for full access of BlueMountain.com and its all singing- all dancing cards so...

12-11-03, 22:10
Sounds like a cool idea. High Quality media for $20/year, not bad at all.