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11-10-10, 20:29
My post in another thread was deleted, because apparently I was "attacking" another member.

I once emailed various moderators about a member attacking every single post I made and it wasn't called upon once. I was told nothing could be done.

Why? May I ask why one persons posts being "attacked" results in a deletion and locking of a thread and when others are actually BEING attacked..nothing.

Los Angeles
11-10-10, 20:30
I also got a warning today, because I "attacked" another member, although he was attacking me with his "annoying questions"... :(

Mod edit: In the current climate I have to put this right:
The forum rules also apply to visitor messages.
No offensive posting and no censor circumvention.
I have therefore removed your latest.
This was the warning via VM.

11-10-10, 20:30
I think better results would be received had you messaged a moderator instead of making a thread about it. :o

11-10-10, 20:31
Excuse me, Cat but as I said in my post..I've emailed moderators before and had nothing come of it.

Then again, I suppose even this won't get me any answers.

Why is it one rule for one and seven rules for another?

Ada the Mental
11-10-10, 20:33
And while we're at it, what's with people getting banned left and right for no real reason?

11-10-10, 20:36
Sorry, but these pot-stirring threads serve no purpose at all. If you have a genuine problem with a specific mederation decision, bring it up with a super-moderator or Justin.