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13-10-10, 16:41
Hey !
I'm french and i have a Website
And i have a English Website with a friend

Do you like ??

13-10-10, 16:47

13-10-10, 16:51
I think it looks good :) Better then what I've ever done.

I personally think this would be better suited to the fan artwork section though :)

13-10-10, 17:05
^I dont think it suits any board. :o as far as I know, promoting web sites here is forbidden, or sth like that.

13-10-10, 17:36
^ I can see two sides here, either it's deemed as advertising or showing how creative and and good at art someone is on a site.

Ward Dragon
13-10-10, 17:39
Sorry but new members aren't allowed to advertise their websites. Once you have 100 posts and have been a member for a month, you may post your site in the Fan Art section.

5.2 - While we welcome the broadcasting of additional and relevant resources, we will not tolerate blatant web site advertising. Such posts we deem fall into this category will be removed and appropriate action taken. Site owners who contribute to our community with more than 100 qualitative posts are more than welcome to link to their web site and/or additional resources on www.tombraiderforums.com in our Fan Forum, where appropriate, and within reason.