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14-10-10, 14:54
For a second there I was toying with the thought of posting in the video of the day thread, but then realised I already posted something in there in the last 24 hours, so in order to keep things tidy, here's an extra thread just for this awesomesauce...which might just a wee bit too awesome for the other threads anyway!


14-10-10, 14:56
Wesker, is that you?

14-10-10, 14:58
Oh, wow! That was amazing! :eek: That really did this deserve it's own thread. I think I'm going to watch that again! :D

Btw, whoever made that must of had a lot of time on their hands. :p

14-10-10, 15:05
Wesker, is that you?


14-10-10, 15:10
That hurt my eyes, but I could stop watching. Crap, that was one of the best things I have ever seen.

14-10-10, 15:43
This video is great! Congratulations!

The music is very interesting too. A good choice.
The bullet time, becoming a missile is perfect in the film.:)

How many pictures is that? About 600??? O.o