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Mad Tony
16-10-10, 19:11
A fifth day of protests in France against proposed pension reforms has brought 825,000 people on to the streets, police say, although unions put the figure at 2.5m to 3m.

The government wants to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 and the full state pension age from 65 to 67.

Most oil refineries have been hit by strike action, causing fuel shortages at some airports and filling stations.

A further day of strikes is scheduled for Tuesday.

The pension reforms have already been approved by the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament.

The upper house, the Senate, has endorsed the key articles on raising the retirement age, and is due to vote on the full text on Wednesday.

Public and private sector workers took part in strikes on Saturday across France, in cities including Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille and Toulouse. Unions had called for more than 200 marches nationwide.

"We are not here to bring France to its knees and create a shortage, we are here to make ourselves heard," Christian Coste, of the CGT trade union, told the Associated Press.


When I first heard of these strikes I assumed that despite France's reputation for striking that the French government had planned to do some pretty drastic stuff but by the looks of it they haven't. The French unions make the unions over here look rather tame and reasonable.

Bongo Fury
16-10-10, 21:14
yeah, this doesn't seem that draconian at all. unions tend to not like to concede things once they have them however.

16-10-10, 21:30
I don't know why, but I'm seeing a very black future for all of us in Europe.

Here, it will raise the price of transport immediately, if not already done so.
In neighboring Portugal have set up a payment method on the highway which makes it virtually impossible to enter the country for them.
Here, again, the government want to put the retirement age to 67 years. Continuous tax increases. The nut thread is starting to heat up.

16-10-10, 21:48
Personally, I can understand why they donít want to work two years more without getting any more pension. I mean, who would? But the underlying assumption under most of Europeís pension systems, that there will always be enough children, has been wrong since the 1960s already. Apart from too little children being born, people also keep getting older and older. Thatís great, but again, doesnít match what the system was built for. And finally, the recent economic crisis hasnít helped either. The only way to ensure that people will still have any pension at all in the future is by raising rates, cutting pensions and/or paying pensions for less time.

Personally, I donít think that any of those measures are going to cut it in the long run. The pension systems need to be reformed drastically, away from the inter-generational contract system where the currently working are paying for the currently retired, and instead to a temporal redistribution. But making sure that such a system continues to work and that it does not make people poor when they should be getting pensions is not an easy task. What bothers me most, though, is that so few politicians seem to be willing to even try.

16-10-10, 21:58
I keep getting bugged that our gov wants to run our age beyond 62-66, but recently we just got word that the raises for our benefits are being frozen for the 2nd year in a row. When you think about it, the costs on top of our piling medical health care and folks aren't gonna afford to retire, period.

You're right about that need for a reform in those areas.

16-10-10, 22:58
France was never that problematic when I was there.

Ward Dragon
16-10-10, 23:10
^ Was that a WWII joke? :confused: If so, it was very tasteless.

16-10-10, 23:13
It could be taken any number of ways.

Mad Tony
16-10-10, 23:14
I'm starting to wonder whether I should've defend you in that thread you made.

16-10-10, 23:16
France was never that problematic when I was there.

Ruh Roh.... *gets the popcorn*

16-10-10, 23:17
The truest cause is of those who cannot defend themselves. Everything else is meandering and pretentious.

Mona Sax
16-10-10, 23:18
This thread is about France, not Nazis. Let's keep it that way.

Bongo Fury
17-10-10, 00:54
^ Was that a WWII joke? :confused: If so, it was very tasteless.

to be honest, i thought it was kinda funny