View Full Version : Father of Fractal Geometry has died of cancer at the age of 85

18-10-10, 15:29
French-American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot has died of cancer at the age of 85 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Mandelbrot was most famously known for his work in exploring the mathematical shapes known as "fractals." Fractals are shapes that reproduce themselves infinitely--each offshoot of the shape is an approximate miniature of the original shape (including the offshoots). This property (each part being a miniature of the original shape) is called "self-similarity."

"Fractals are easy to explain, it's like a romanesco cauliflower, which is to say that each small part of it is exactly the same as the entire cauliflower itself," Catherine Hill, a statistician at the Gustave Roussy Institute, told the AFP, "It's a curve that reproduces itself to infinity. Every time you zoom in further, you find the same curve."

Mandelbrot was born in Poland in 1924, but moved to France as a young child (in 1936, before the Nazi regime). He spent most of his professional life working at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center, but later became Sterling Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Yale University.

He leaves behind his wife, Aliette, two sons, and three grandchildren.


http://www.pcworld.com/article/208073/father_of_fractal_geometry_passes_at_age_85.html?t k=hp_new

I still remember how I've been reading books of fractal geometry.

Rest in peace :(

18-10-10, 15:30
Just was reading this :( man was a true genius.. sad loss for sure

18-10-10, 16:48
Oh! Rest in peace ! :(

18-10-10, 16:53
Fractals are amazingly beautiful. They have made me wonder many times about the secrets of mathematics and how they integrate with nature and art. <3