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18-10-10, 18:48
Taranto, 18 Oct. (AKI) - The cousin of 15-year-old Sarah Scazzi, whose strangled, decomposing body was found in a well in southern Italy last month, has been arrested. The arrest on Monday of Scazzi's 22-year-old cousin, Sabrina Misseri, followed her father's arrest earlier this month after investigators accused him of murder.

The coroner said it was possible that Scazzi (right in photo) was strangled by her older cousin (left in photo), although her father Michele Misseri claims that Sabrina lured Sarah down to the family's garage where he strangled her while his daughter pinned her arms.

After a 15-hour police interrogation, Michele Misseri initially confessed to strangling Sarah after she rejected his sexual advances. He claimed he then raped the girl's dead body before throwing it in a well in the countryside near Avetrana, in the southern Puglia region, where the Scazzi and Misseri families live.

Sabrina Misseri denies any involvement in her cousin's murder. Her younger sister Valentina Misseri and her mother Cosima Serrano, also claim she is innocent and say they fear they could also be arrested.

Serrano, who claims she was having an afternoon nap at the time her niece disappeared, was on Monday questioned by police in the southern city of Taranto, near Avetrana.

Sabrina Misseri was arrested after forensic examination of Scazzi's mobile phone and "discrepancies" in her version of events the day her cousin disappeared, that of her father and those of other witnesses, including a friend who was due to collect the two cousins and drive them to the beach in her car.

Sabrina Misseri led the hunt for her cousin, whose body was found over five weeks after she disappeared and gave tearful TV interviews at first imploring people to come forward with information over her cousin's disappearance and after her father's arrest saying: "he must pay for what he's done."

Before the murder, Scazzi, who liked the same local youth as she did, had reportedly complained to her cousin she was being molested by Misseri.

The Scazzi family said on Monday it intended to relocate to northern Italy.

"Even though Sarah has been buried, this is a story that has no end," said her father, Giacomo Scazzi.SOURCE (http://www.adnkronos.com/AKI/English/CultureAndMedia/?id=3.1.1121565721).

But that's not all! Here's how media handled it...


I can't decide what is more disgusting; what those monstrums did to the poor girl, or the way media told her mother the news! Unbelievable...

18-10-10, 18:50
@telling the mother on tv

They seriously did that? Friggin hell, thats terrible.

Dennis's Mom
18-10-10, 19:40
that's pretty tasteless, but nothing the media does surprises me anymore.

18-10-10, 19:43
That really is disguisting, poor girl. I hope she gets her justice and that the right criminal is put behind bars.

Lara's home
18-10-10, 19:49
40% increase...
No matter how awful you say that this was, it seems that people wanted to watch it, huh..

18-10-10, 20:50
Sometimes I can't help but to think humanity just isn't worth saving...

18-10-10, 21:20
yes, that's terrible, but let's face it-- most things like this ARE done by family/friends, not random strangers on the street. :(

18-10-10, 21:24
^ Sadly, you're not wrong.

Absolutely terrible. Poor girl. :(

And what a horrible way to find out too.