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23-10-04, 22:05
If you've run out of excuses for something try this machine.

Click Here (http://www.weaselcircus.com/funpages/randomexcuse.shtml)

Some excuses I got :rolleyes: :

- water my scary butt

- bury my husky prisoner

- wrestle my sleepy mailman

- drink my scary ego

- disarm my upset grandma

23-10-04, 23:08
I got "Scratch my sunburned butt"

23-10-04, 23:11
-Bathe my huge underpants (my butt is not huge)
-find my inbred inner child (okay..then..)
-cuddle my filthy goldfish (I do not have a fish)
-jump my lumpy pretzel http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/silent.gif (I am so using that one)
-pierce my crusty grandma (hey grandma....)
-shave my dead donut http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/silent.gif (that is so wrong)

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little lara
23-10-04, 23:21
i got
- shave my demented muffin(hmmmm i may use that one,but not for work he he he)
-untie my burnt brother
-revive my miserable grandma
-cuddle my new hair(i like that one)
-scratch my sunburnt butt
this site is sooo coool thx for the link xxxx

24-10-04, 10:20
Twist my smelly computer.
Lift my grassy prisoner.
Floss my hefty rash.
Analyze my sickly wallet.
Drink my burnt cat.
Jump my floppy donkey.
Waste my angry liver.
Chop my grumpy legs.
Examine my stinky donut.
Rock my canadian dreadlocks.
Floss my inbred grandma.
Pay my groovy butt.
Bury my filthy ego.

24-10-04, 10:33
lol spank my fuzzy mum i got lol nice one guys http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif

24-10-04, 10:45
My Best ones:

*Move my poisonous ego,
*Cover my misreble armpits,
*Examine my ancient dinner,
*Paint my crazy brother,
*Cover my puffy donkey,
*Hypnotize my hairy toenails,
*Teach my missing stomach,
*Shave my inbred waffle,
*Eat my smelly stomach,
*Bathe my broken tatoo.