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23-10-10, 04:21
Hmmm, what do you think? Does her race make it more complex? And would it matter if her race is different?

I think it's just a matter of preference, not race. People like different qualities. One person may like skinny people, while another may like someone fat. Black hair? Bald? Pale skin? Long limbs? Short? Tall? Gender? Everyone has there own idea of what is attractive. So like if someone prefers say, Asians, it's not disparaging on other races, it's just a preference.


23-10-10, 05:33
I think most people usually prefer someone of their same skin colour because *generally* people of their skin colour were the ones that nurtured them as a baby and basically took care of them as they were growing up. Obviously that's not always the case.

I can't stand most white men, at least not to date. it's nothing against the men themselves, but I've been seriously hurt and abused by countless white men in countless ways. :( When I'm around them, I usually start shaking really badly and I have a hard time doing anything but agreeing to whatever they say. =/ I'll say and do just about anything I think they want to hear or see, and it's not even something I can control. It's like saying/doing exactly the wrong thing around someone you like, except the total opposite. There's definitely a 'type' of white guy that triggers me but I haven't figured out what that type is. Winston and Alister don't do it to me; Kurtis Trent and the Gerard Butler guy do (and if you look at their characters there's probably good reason for me to react the way I do-- Kurtis will grope you up and then never call :vlol: and Terry Sheridan will smack you around.)

On the other hand, because of where I live, black men have always been exceedingly kind to me. Everyone else can walk by me, but where I live, I can almost guarantee a black man will notice me struggling with whatever walking aid I'm using, stop, and help me out. Whether it's helping me up stairs, telling me which train to get on, or dragging my suitcase for me, they'll just offer to do it without expecting anything in return. I can't remember ever being treated badly by a black man, but I do remember countless times in my life where one helped me out when everyone else pretended not to see me. I think that's probably why, on the rare occasion I date/hang out with a guy, he's almost definitely going to be black.

I don't actually have a race preference with women, afaik. I can't think of a type of woman that makes me react like I do to Kurtis. :p

23-10-10, 08:47
Not racist at all. There is nothing cruel being said. A lot of people prefer their own races to date, while quite a lot prefer the total opposite. It's normal.

23-10-10, 10:19
I doubt she would be racist against her own kind, she may have just had a bunch of bad experiences and grew to prefer White men in regards to companionship & intimacy (or others, not really sure since the video is so short). If she refused to even associate with other black people at all, that would be racism. Again, I wish the video was a little more thorough, since it's hard to get the full story.

cezy rockeru
23-10-10, 11:16
well...is she?:pi:

23-10-10, 11:19
I don't think she is.

23-10-10, 11:30
Difficult to tell from the video. She doesn't really get much of an opportunity to explain herself really.

But I would like to think that most people wouldn't mind what race their date was (even just from an aesthetic point of view) as long as they were attractive, funny, interesting, etc.

23-10-10, 13:00
I don't think it's racist to have a preference in that regard. It's just what you find attractive and we simply do not find everything attractive -- but I would hope that people who have preferences wouldn't use it to disparage those they meet outside of dating and relationships.

23-10-10, 16:40
Racist? Because of what she prefers in a partner? That's like saying that people who like their partners to be their age or to be a bit older then them can be qualified as age-discriminators.

23-10-10, 16:43
I didn't watch the video because I am lazy, however the idea, no not racist, however if you were to say you would never be with someone who is of another race, then that could be racist, we don't always go for people who fit our standard or type, sometimes other more important qualities win us over.

23-10-10, 16:44
No, that's not racist. At least not to me.

23-10-10, 18:00
I don't consider that racist at all, just preference. Mind you, considering how well they both say they got on, it is surprising she turned him down, but, then again, it's her choice.

23-10-10, 18:16
If people want to put limits on themselves in this respect, then so be it. I don't see it as racist, only stupid.

Lara's home
23-10-10, 18:51
Well, of course she's not a racist. She is black.
Had a white person said the same thing, however... :pi:

Evan C.
23-10-10, 18:54
Well, of course she's not a racist. She is black.
Had a white person said the same thing, however... :pi:

Well,a black person of course that can be racist.Ignorance doesn't discriminate.

23-10-10, 19:00
If people want to put limits on themselves in this respect, then so be it. I don't see it as racist, only stupid.

In her particular case, I agree definately. However, some of us can't help it but be attracted to certain specific physical and mental attributes. I personally like women with Eastern or Middle Eastern features (despite their given background.) If they have pronounced eyes or have ME facial features, its definately good. Furthermore, I can never be attracted to a person who is younger then me. 1 year age difference I can tolerate but anything lower then that and I just can't help but feel... uncomfortable being around that person :p.

Meh... All of this is just an academic view anyway.

23-10-10, 21:46
If you like a particularly ethnicity, and don't feel attracted to another I suppose people might think it's offensive, but really, it's not hurtful to anybody. Racism hurts people, physically and mentally, but this doesn't, aside from the rejection. If you avoided dating a particular ethnicity because you had a stereotypical prejudice towards their ethnic group, then yes, it would probably be ignorant and a tad racist, but as far as physical attraction goes, you can't really help who you like. (Would be like saying a gay guy is sexist against women :p)
I think it's to do with the culture you've been brought up in, and what you have been brought up to consider to be attractive or ideal. I think a lot of the features people find attractive are also the ones that they themselves would like to possess (especially if they are gay obviously), for example, brown eyes or pale skin etc.
I've heard that Lucy Liu is considered pretty by many westerners, yet many East Asians find her hideous.

23-10-10, 21:48
I've heard that Lucy Liu is considered beautiful by many westerners, yet many East Asians find her hideous.


23-10-10, 23:26
This is an issue I had with my friends, I'm only sexually attracted to white men not black men, and it doesn't matter what country they come from.

But they classed me as a racist -_-

Anyways I don't think she's racist.