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25-10-10, 23:20
Do you have pets? Do you wanna talk about them? Then this is the thread for you! Talk about anything having to do with your pets here (this includes posting photos of them). I will now talk about my cats of unparalleled beauty and adorableness.

This is Puddin. She is almost 9-years-old. She is a very persistent and stubborn cat. Whenever I take her off of a desk or counter, she keeps jumping back up. When she's outside with me, she keeps meowing, running around, rolling on the ground, and rubbing against me. Her nickname is "Psycho Cat" when she acts like this. She aslo likes to snuggle under the couch cover/throw and nap/sleep.



There's also Bubbles (sorry, no pics). She is a calico and I got her sometime within the first half of 2002. She has saggy skin and has a meow that sounds like a squeak. She is anti-social and the only time of the day that you're almost guaranteed to see her is at bedtime when she goes into the master bedroom and chews on the yellow blanket while doing a massage-like movement on it with her paws.

Then there is Princess. She is a tuxedo cat and I got her around August of 2002. She is paranoid and LOVES eating chicken. Puddin liked to torment her a lot in the past, particularly when she (Princess) was using the litter box. It's not as bad as it used to be. Because of this, she now often leaves "gifts" outside of the litter box and instead on the floor somewhere (usually the downstairs hallway or the living room). Watch your step!

This is Oriona. She was born June 9, 2003 and was 1 in a litter of 5 kittens. She is the daughter of Princess. She was born in my garage. She is very friendly and her purring can be very loud. Don't let her cuteness fool you, she can stick up for herself and won't let my other cats give her momma any crap.


Happy Halloween!

This is Princess and Oriona

25-10-10, 23:22
they're beautiful:jmp:

25-10-10, 23:22
I have a small, black toy poodle which is almost 1 year old! Her name is Poppy and she loves to wreck havoc around the place. But she is very huggable and cuddly. :o

Evan C.
25-10-10, 23:27
OMG your cats are sooo beautiful!,I love cats,they are my favourite pets.You can't never own a cat,they own you,that's why I love them so much :D

I have 2 cats,Lyza and Black,they are brothers and they both have 6 years.

Also I have 3 dogs,Cartucho (Mean a round of ammunition :D ),Zambo and a little female dog called in various names,but mostly Cartucha (Female version of cartucho haha).Zambo is 10 years old,Cartucho just 1 and months and Cartucha just 4 months.

I couldn't imagine my life without them,there's nothing more beautiful than coming back home and they receiving you so happy.

Chocola teapot
25-10-10, 23:32
I Have a 2 and 1/2 year old Staffie named Madge! <3

I love her and her Seal face more than life itself, She's SO loving, of all the dogs we've ever had, she's been the all and all best.

Worryingly enough, She likes to lick Rocks...


She makes random Hyena noises while doing so,

Daw <3

25-10-10, 23:35
I love my girl Venus!!

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs558.ash1/32510_1437624375185_1070261633_1277290_3772443_n.j pg

She has a disorder in which she is afraid of small children(previous owners would pick her up by the hind legs and such) but she is quite lovely.

She LOVES going on walks(yes, walks... like a dog!). I guess she takes us as her own personal bodyguards while she goes around marking her areas. xP

I love her! :hug:

25-10-10, 23:36
I have too many to talk about :vlol:

25-10-10, 23:36
Your cats are so cute, Duchess :D

I only have one pet: a dog, called Bambi (yeah, like the deer xD).
when he was a puppy :p :

He is always causing lots of troubles, destroying things and he is always hungry xD He is very affective, when I get home, he is waiting and he quickly jumps to my legs. :D

I also have a bird, but I don't care too much about him, that's my sister's business :p

25-10-10, 23:46
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25-10-10, 23:53
my babies

http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz288/Twisted-SisterX666/6925_101258803227783_100000309902173_32150_3708779 _n.jpg