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28-10-10, 01:44
My fiance and I are looking into the different aspects of building a house. While planning our kitchen, he mentioned how he likes the idea of getting an Aga as opposed to getting a traditional electric oven. However, this does not seem to be a popular choice in our region. I know no one with one and I've looked at their web site but all I find are fluff descriptions that don't tell me what I really want to know. I'd like someone with some first-hand experience to help me.

*What exactly is the difference between a cooker and a range?

*How are Agas when it comes to energy consumption as compared to a typical electric range/oven? Specifically I'm interested in an electric Aga. I'm not crazy about the idea of gas.

*Is there anything I should know about one before buying it?

Dennis's Mom
29-10-10, 14:47
Gas is going to be much cheaper than electricity, plus I simply think it cooks better. I've turned down houses that didn't have gas cooking on that basis alone.

The AGA appliances look very cool. They remind me of my old Chambers stove (http://www.antiquestoveheaven.com/images/chambers4.jpg) I had in my first house. They would certainly add a lot of character to any kitchen. Anytime you've got cast iron involved, you're going to get superior heat. And did you see those colors? I'd kill for a red stove. :D

TBH, I'm not sure what the exact difference is between their cooker and range. Ask when you get to the store.

29-10-10, 15:34
I never saw an AGA, but for a while I cooked and baked with a wood-powered Küchenhexe (en : kitchen witch :D ) like this, but a larger one with hot water reservoir, not-hot-but-warm zone and such extras. :


Cooking and baking with it went very well if you had good wood for it.

I think an AGA has roughly a same problem as such a "Hexe" - In summertime the heat it radiated everywhere got too much. Working in the kitchen could then feel like working out, or cooking within a sauna. :(

Dennis' Mom - I agree on cooking on gas being the best, but baking with gas ovens I never really got the results as with electrical ones (or as with the Hexe).
Currently I don't have no gas cooker. :(

Dennis's Mom
29-10-10, 15:41
I get really good results with insulated pans like Cushionaire or Air-bake. It makes a big difference, IMO.

29-10-10, 16:10
The best setup is a gas range and electric oven. Hard to put these two together sometimes... I live in an Apt and hence, am forced to use an electric rangetop, and it's really a pain in the ass for some things... Like cooking eggs for instance, since the heat is so much harder to regulate. If I had a choice I'd pick gas, even if it had to be for everything.