View Full Version : The Emperor of Exmoor...Dead or Alive?

28-10-10, 18:49
A few days ago reports came out that the huge beast "the emperor of exmoor" had been shot to his death by a trophy hunter.

Now, however:


Imagine he was still alive ^_^.

28-10-10, 19:24
I can not imagine how this conversation going. But it is a very beautiful animal and it is unfortunate disappearance or no.:o

The bear in the Pyrenees was an endangered species.
Platforms for their reintegration managed to introduce a few families in the Pyrenees, again.

Now the shepherds and the people who live near the mountains protest because they eat or destroy their crops or livestock.
The same has happened with the boar and the wolf.

http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/4973/1283791596482.jpg (http://img80.imageshack.us/i/1283791596482.jpg/)

^^This is my city :eek:

The Great Chi
29-10-10, 12:23
Exterminated message :D

29-10-10, 12:26
I hope someone didn't shoot that beautiful stag :(