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Dark Lugia 2
30-10-10, 20:32

From Wikipedia: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_University)
The OU provides university education to those wishing to pursue higher education on a part-time and/or distance learning basis, including people with health disabilities, who are officially a priority group for the university, about 10,000 OU students have health disabilities.

I thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion! :D Has anyone ever tried out, finished or looked into taking a course/subject with the Open University? I've realised that more people have been a part of the OU than I first thought. It makes sense because of the flexibility the OU offers, and of course the lack of tuition/living costs a person has to pay in order to get their degree. You do have to pay a fee for the course you apply for though, but that’s one-time and everything is sent to you I believe.

Right, here’s my story to start it off haha! :p
What sparked my interest in the OU is my college - they are one of the many providers of the Young Applicants in Schools Scheme (http://www8.open.ac.uk/choose/yass/) (YASS) formed by the OU, aimed at A-Level/college students. The scheme offers students to apply for a short-course in their chosen subject-area/topic, set at a university-level of study.

The main reason why I applied to the scheme is because I find my chosen area very interesting and relevant to my future plans, (I'm taking the Darwin’s Evolution course and want to study Biology at uni) its extra-curricular and I think it will enhance my UCAS (university) application (I dont plan on studying a degree with the OU, this is just a one-time thing for me).
I got my OU pack in the post today and am very excited to start the course! It officially starts sometime in early-November so I'm holding off for now until I've got revision and homework done, because I take 3 A-Levels and of course I have to prioritise these.

I hope there’s some people on the forums that have been a part of the OU, it would be great to discuss and discover what members have done or plan to do with the OU. :D

30-10-10, 20:52
I did an Open University course a few years back doing an English Lit course. I liked it and thought the tutorial support was quite good. The structure of the course I did was well organised with enough emphasis in progress as the course went on to be doable. I liked how you could more or less work at your own pace but with still working to deadlines for the assignments. I'd recommend The OU for anyone who doesn't have time for full time study.

Dark Lugia 2
30-10-10, 21:07
Awesome! :tmb: Its great to hear from someone whos done this. :D Do you have any advice for anyone who takes up an OU course? The forums have been recommended to me a lot. I'll definitely check them out before I start studying.

31-10-10, 03:04
Open Universities here aim more for people already with full time jobs. I think it looks interesting, I'd definitely consider it down the track.