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the ancient
04-11-10, 17:16
Hi :)

So I tought about this game
it is realy easy. you just have to say "Today I (what you found out/ did)"

it could be something important like "I discovered I will be a parent"
or something stupid like "I did the dishes."

I'll start:

Today,I discovered there are botoxpartys.

now you :D

Can a mod change the title to 'Today, I' sorry :o

Legend of Lara
04-11-10, 17:30
Today, I... uh... level grinded in Persona 3 Portable.

04-11-10, 17:32
" " , ate a tortilla wrap with chicken and sour scream! :D

04-11-10, 17:32
Today I made a woman trip :D

Lara's Nemesis
04-11-10, 17:34
Today I realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves.

Bill Hicks quote

04-11-10, 18:01
Today i realised i need some new clothes :p

04-11-10, 18:01
Today I groomed a dog in a grooming parlour :vlol:

04-11-10, 18:41
Today, I visited the new lecture hall building that was opened at our university. Looks kind of nice, but not quite finished yet.

04-11-10, 18:45
Today's gonna be meh for me

Avalon SARL
04-11-10, 18:47
Today, I made my first LIE ever :vlol:

the ancient
04-11-10, 18:51
Today, I made my first LIE ever :vlol:

what was it :mis:

Avalon SARL
04-11-10, 18:54
^^^ :vlol:
I mistook a pesticide with a herbicide :vlol: and so, i had to find someway to remove my guilt :vlol:
Man, i think i am clever in proving my point of view :p

My GOD, the poor customer :vlol:

Edit: and worst, when he asked for my name, igave him someone else's name

I'm naughtyyyyyyyyy :smk:

04-11-10, 19:18
Today I outsmarted my teacher. Felt so good :D

04-11-10, 19:20
Today I wore skinny jeans that were a bit to skinny :pi:

Chocola teapot
04-11-10, 20:05
Today was my 'Day Off'

But I had to go to school anyway. :/

lara c. fan
04-11-10, 20:07
Today, I almost ****ed myself laughing in Business Studies. ^_^

04-11-10, 20:37
Today I had pasta for dinner

04-11-10, 21:03
Today I got an abortion.

\Tomb Raider/
04-11-10, 21:08
Today I got an abortion.

:vlol: unless your not kidding :(

Legend of Lara
04-11-10, 21:10
:vlol: unless your not kidding :(

Yes, we all know how males like to get abortions...

04-11-10, 21:16
Today I (must) have broken a bone.

04-11-10, 22:25
Today I got told I have "hipster swag" by a gangster dude at school today. :)

04-11-10, 22:26
Today I found out how obnoxious and rude many of the people in my neighborhood are, and how I wish they all got smacked in the face with a pole. :)

04-11-10, 22:27
today i found out i wasn't pregnant.

04-11-10, 22:28


04-11-10, 22:29
A steel pole which is very heavy and able to knock someone's teeth out of course ;)

05-11-10, 20:45
Today I beat Fable III.


Evan C.
05-11-10, 20:51
Today I will travel to my old school,I need to ask for some things,and I hate it.

05-11-10, 22:12
Today I killed some ugly sims :D