View Full Version : Just How Low Can One Stoop?

John Falstaff
05-12-03, 22:08
Hi Everyone,


There do appear to be no depths to which some people won't sink!



It's not just the total dishonesty of this(impact on family and friends as well as those robbed), but the fact that people who DO need help will have their chances of getting it reduced!


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05-12-03, 22:12
I agree, as a matter of fact I cannot even imagine saying something like that myself, I would be TOO afraid that it would turn into reality. Some people have no shame.

05-12-03, 22:30
Unfortunately it happens everywhere. Human nature isn't always of the best kind.


John Falstaff
05-12-03, 23:42
I think what really shocks me is the personnel level at which this scam operated.